Engraving tools

vhf offers a wide range of gravers and engraving cutters for different materials. With top angles from 15 to 92 degrees and engraving widths from 0.1 mm to 1.0 mm, you have full flexibility with the original vhf engraving tools.

In case of engraving cutters, an additional spiral flute makes your engravings – particularly for materials such as acrylic or stainless steel – burr-free and clean cut. On top of that, there is also a special engraving tool for engraving isolation channels on printed circuit boards.

In the following overview you will find basic information about the processing spectrum of our engraving tools. No matter which CNC engraving is to be created – whether serial numbers, filigree logos, or ornate decorations – with the vhf engraving tools you will always get precise and high-quality results. Visit the vhf shop for more tips on how to use our gravers as well as engraving cutters and find the right tool for your production.


Our classic gravers for engraving plastics, wood, and non-ferrous metals with top angles already from 15° on (ideal for working without workpiece levelling).

Box gravers

A box graver is a special kind of graver with a top angle of 92°. This engraving tool is very well suitable for chamfering or edge bending, e.g. for cabinet makers.

Engraving cutters for acrylic

This engraving cutter is equipped with a flute. This way, the chips can be removed better and your engravings in acrylic become clean-cut and burr-free.

Engraving cutters for stainless steel

Engraving stainless steel requires an engraving cutter with a special cutting edge in order to achieve clean results and long tool life here as well.

Isolation engraving tools

Our special engraving tool for engraving isolation channels on printed circuit boards and other hard materials. The results become burr-free and clean-cut.

Semi-finished gravers

You can get our gravers also semi-finished with preground profile, which you can finish according to your demands.