CNC machines for industry & sign making

vhf develops and produces its CNC machines, software and tools completely in Germany so that everything works in perfect harmony. This has been appreciated by vhf customers for more than 30 years. Our aim is to provide the highest quality machines and components as well as individual consultation and first-class support for our users.

Machine series

The CNC machines from vhf enable users to perform a wide range of processes: milling, drilling, chamfering, thread milling and engraving of plastics, non-ferrous metals or wood as well as cutting and creasing work in softer materials.

CNC tools

Original vhf tools are manufactured by a particularly quality-conscious supplier: ourselves. We develop and produce to the highest standards carbide and diamond tools for milling, cutting, thread milling, engraving, chamfering and more.

Components and software

Milling machines from vhf are built from modules. We put together a machine for your company that meets your specifications exactly.

Sample applications

Thanks to their modular construction, CNC machines from vhf can be configured for the specific requirements of the most diverse range of industries. Explore some typical examples.

Video clips

Discover our practical videos showing vhf milling machines in use and get a glimpse of the diverse opportunities that our CNC milling machines have to offer.

Reference customers

Many well-known customers rely on the quality of vhf CNC machines and our highly dedicated service staff. Find out why our reference customers are so delighted with their vhf machine.

Resellers – CNC machines

Find your direct contact and authorized reseller for all your questions about CNC milling machines from vhf.