Router bits

Router bits are ideal for woodworking. However, due to their carbide cutting edges, they are also excellent for machining other materials such as plastics.

The router bits are available in various designs for chamfering, groove milling, lettering milling, concave or convex radius milling, and face milling. The Orange ToolsTM listed here are made by CMT, an experienced specialist for woodworking tools. The distinctive color of the router bits doubles as a non-stick coating to prevent resins and contaminants from building up on the cutting edge. It also prevents the router bit from overheating and protects against corrosion for a longer life.

V-slot cutters

This router bit is available with a 60 or 90 degree top angle and two or three cutting edges; for milling (decoration) slots as well as for chamfering and engraving.

Long hole slot cutters

Straightly slotted router bit with negative cutting angle for perfectly even surfaces; for producing tongue and groove or mortice and tenon joints.

Slot cutters

A straight-fluted router bit with radial fine grinding for flawless surfaces; ideal for planar removal (flattening) or for tongue and groove joints.

Radius cutters

Double-toothed cutter (partly made of solid carbide) with semi-circular tool tip for milling rounded slots and for mold making.

Chamfering cutters

Straightly slotted router bit with two cutting edges for chamfering accurately. The tool is available with three different chamfering angles.

Cutters with quadrant

Double-toothed router bit with quarter-circle grinding for milling cleanly rounded edges or internal profiles.

Character cutters

Special cutter with a top angle of 60 degrees and a top radius, suitable for effectively removing the material around freestanding letters.

V-slot cutter – aluminium composites

This tool consists of a massive steel corpus with an inserted double-toothed carbide plate. The top angle is 90 or 135 degrees.

Triple tooth surface milling cutters

This router bit has a massive steel shank with a carbide head soldered on it; for an efficient surface milling of larger areas of wood, MDF, plastics or aluminum.