Application examples

Examples of workpieces made on vhf machines.

Aluminium processing

Machining all kinds of non-ferrous metals, but also steel and stainless steel – no matter if you produce individual samples or start a serial production.

Plastics processing

Thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics or composites – thanks to the offered machine sizes also very large plates can be processed in one whole piece.

Wood processing

Milling contours, breakouts, chamfers or pockets in solid wood, multilayer plates, MDF/HDF etc.

Sign making

You can produce large advertising signs, print & cut or shop and exhibition stand constructions quickly, rationally and nearly without size limits.

Mould making

With a vhf milling machine you can produce three-dimensional forms, moulds and models from a solid block – using quite different kinds of materials.

Model Making

No matter whether you have to produce ship, train, plane or architectural models – a vhf milling machine always ensures premium quality.


Everything that is done in an engraving studio, from nameplates up to sophisticated relief works – of course with highest precision.