CAM software

The dental software DentalCAM is a powerful software package that allows for imports from all common CAD programs with its open STL import feature and utilizes optimized CAM strategies for the fastest possible processing. It is perfectly adapted to all vhf dental milling machines to ensure reliable first-class results. No previous knowledge is required.


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Dental software has always been an important part of vhf’s product portfolio: developed in-house, open for imports and perfectly designed for our dental machines. Highlights, such as the consistent three-dimensional display of imported work, offer our users even more convenience, possibilities and enjoyment when operating the software.

Clear and Simple UI

Thanks to the structured user guidance, no previous knowledge is necessary: The software uses self-explanatory icons and logical keyboard commands for all common functions to simplify operation while your work can be turned via the scroll wheel. All relevant data on blanks, clamping fixtures and tools is already stored in the CAM software.

Software features

  • Optimum use of material with convenient placement aids

    The placement aids help you make the best use of the blank and simplifies the process of setting or editing bars, drops and sinter rails. In addition, the bars can be reduced or completely removed after the work has been milled, which significantly reduces rework. 3D nesting allows your work to be precisely aligned.

  • For a smooth process: intelligent tool changer

    The simple use of replacement tools in case of wear/breakage of the main tool is no problem at all. The program can also regularly check whether the tool is broken.

  • Save tme with the Direct Mill function

    While the milling paths for other objects or the finishing passes are still being calculated, the machine already starts the roughing process thanks to the Direct Mill function. This means you can start milling immediately, without waiting times. The entire path calculation of the various tools is fully automatic and highly optimized. In addition, DentalCAM remains available during the entire job calculation and you can continue your work throughout the process.

  • Convenient selection of materials

    New blanks can be created or selected conveniently via the material archive, which has search and filter functions as well as preview images – allowing you to find a suitable used blank more quickly.

  • Optimally prepared with specialized strategies for every object type

    The machining strategies are adapted to all indications and fit divergences, bores, preplines and undercuts are automatically detected. The four- or five-axis path calculation ensures maximum accessibility of undercuts. In addition, angulated screw channels are supported during implant work; cavities and drill holes can be checked in advance and manually processed if necessary.

  • Effortless processing of CoCr, glass ceramic and titanium

    Thanks to corresponding machining strategies, it is possible to milling NEM materials based on cobalt-chromium and titanium as well as grind glass ceramics.

  • Automatic blank height optimization for greater efficiency

    Automatic blank height optimization allows you to rotate a job in the blank in such a way that its height is optimally utilized by rotating the axes – allowing you to use thinner blanks.