Dental milling machine R5

R5. The gold standard for lab and practice.

With the R5 – a new high-end machine for the dental laboratory – vhf has developed a highly automated milling and grinding machine that brings revolutionary approaches to the lab along with a ten-fold blank changer for wet and dry machining. In a minimal footprint, it combines utmost precision with maximum stability and is capable of handling any material.






Prefab Abutments

Enjoy the freedom of choice.

No material is off limits: discs, blocks, and abutments

  • composites
  • plastics/wax
  • glass ceramics
  • zirconia
  • titanium
  • CoCr

Maximum freedom of indication

  • crown/bridge
  • inlay/onlay
  • abutment
  • telescopic crown
  • model plate
  • model cast
  • occlusal splint
  • model tooth
  • implant bar
  • veneer
  • drilling template
  • denture
  • secondary crown
  • occlusally screwretained bridge
  • protrusion splint