Dental Tools

Dental tools
  • Inhouse production

  • Our tool experts have developed sophisticated cutting edge geometries for machining the different dental materials from wax to cobalt-chrome. Thus the optimum balance between a best possible surface quality of the machined material and a preferably long endurance of the tool is ensured. All dental milling cutters are manufactured by vhf on modern six- and seven axis precision grinding centres.

    Dental tools – inhouse production

    Dental milling cutters from vhf consist of a super finest grain carbide mixture of German origin. It is characterized by its high edge strength with high resistance to wear and ductility at the same time. This additionally improves the workpiece quality and the endurance.



Dental tool measurement

Tools with optimized cutting edge geometries

With vhf dental milling tools you can machine the established dental materials. The tools are available with variously optimized cutting edge geometries and with accordingly adapted coatings. In addition we offer grinding tools for machining glass ceramics.

  • Radius cutters

  • This special dental radius cutter has a semi-circular rounded tip. It is available with cutting edge diameters of 0.6 mm, 1.0 mm and 2.0 mm. As the 2.0 mm tool is mainly used for efficiently roughing, tools with the small diameter of 0.6 mm are mainly used for finely finishing or carving out fissures. Due to the especially long free grinding of these tools, also undercuts can be reached easily.

    The tools for plastics and wax are uncoated, for zirconium oxide they are uncoated and coated, the tools for composites and CoCr are always coated. 

  • Radius cutter

  • Cylindric double tooth cutter

  • Double tooth cutter

  • A double tooth cutter with flat face grinding and a cutting edge diameter of 1.2 mm. It is used when 90° angles have to be milled, e. g. in drillings and abutments.

    For machining non-precious alloys on cobalt-chrome basis, this tool is available as torus cutter with a small edge radius which protects the cutting edges. So a higher endurance is guaranteed. The tools for plastics and wax are uncoated, for zirconium oxide they are uncoated and coated, the tools for composites and CoCr are always coated. 

  • Cylindrical single tooth cutter

  • The cutting edge of this cutter with flat face grinding is extremely sharp and faceted. Thus the milled edges are very smooth even at high feed rates and the risk of clogging is very low – even for plastics which tend to smear.

    This tool is available with a cutting edge diameter of 2.5 mm; it is exclusively used for roughing PMMA and wax. Roughing with a flat ground cutter reduces the milling time.

  • Single tooth cutter

  • Grinding tools

  • Grinding tools

  • For machining glass ceramics and composites, vhf offers torus and radius grinding tools with a diamond grit in different grain sizes. The two smaller torus grinding tools with their fine grain size are mainly used for drillings and abutments. The 2.6 mm torus grinding tool with its coarser grain size is used for roughing and the two fine-grained radius grinding tools for the later finishing process.

    All tools distinguish themselves by a good abrasion and break resistance, and their endurance is very long. The diamond grit with its especially good binding to the shank avoids microcracks and reduces the sensitivity for thermal impact.