Dental Software

No previous knowledge necesary – DentalCAM

  • At first, DentalCAM lets you choose the required blank of different materials. Then you can import your earlier modelled CAD data via the standardized STL format into this open program and place the objects in the blank.

    There are just a few mouse clicks necessary until you can mill your bridgeworks. You place the bars which connect the framework to the blank. If necessary, you can also place drops for the sintering process. It is also possible to

  • machine a blank in several stages; the teeth which have already been milled in a previous pass will be displayed in a different colour and establish a protected area.

    The user workflow is speed-optimised to such an extent that the whole preparation for a regular crown takes less than one minute from switching on the machine up to the start of the machining process.

  • clearly structured user guidance and easy operation

  • Thus no previous knowledge necessary; operation via self-explaining icons and keyboard shortcuts for the most common functions; rotation of objects via scroll wheel.

    All relevant data concerning blanks, fixing devices and tools have been stored in the CAM software.

  • comfortable placement aids

  • The software supports you in an optimalutilisation of space on the blank andduring setting or editing of bars, dropsand sinter bars. Additionally the barscan be either reduced or fully removed– this means a considerable reductionof reworking.

    The 3D nesting enables a very precisealignment of your works – an especiallyuseful feature for multi-layer materials.

  • maximum accessibility of undercuts

  • Due to the four or five axis path calculation,milling undercuts is no problemany longer.

  • intelligent tool changer

  • Usage of backup tools if the maintool is worn out or broken. On topof that the program can regularlycheck whether the tool is broken.

  • Direct-Mill function

  • While the milling paths of other objects or the finishingprocesses are still being calculated, the machinealready starts – thanks to the Direct-Mill function –the roughing process. The milling paths of the differenttools will be calculated fully automatized andhighly optimised.

    Furthermore, DentalCAM is still available while thejob is calculated and you can continue your work inthe meantime.

  • machining CoCr, titanium and glass ceramics

  • Thanks to according machining strategies, it is possibleto mill non-precious alloys on cobalt-chrome basisand titanium.

    For grinding glass ceramics, grinding strategies can beadded via software extension.

  • fits like a glove...

  • This CAM software for the dental technologyis especially adapted to the machinesof the Impression line.

  • special machining strategies for each object type

  • Machining strategies are adapted to any kind ofobject: crowns/bridges, fully anatomicalcrowns/bridges, abutments, inlays, telescopecrowns, veneers, implant based bridgewith divergent drillings etc.

    Divergencies of fits, drillings, prepline and undercutsare automatically recognized. On top ofthat angulated screw channels for implants aresupported; cavities and drillings can be checkedin advance and manually reworked if necessary.

  • comfortable choice of materials

  • Easily creating new blanks, respectively selectingof a suitable used blank via the material archivewith search and filter functions and preview images.

  • blank height optimization

  • The automatic blank height optimizationcan rotate the object within the blank insuch a way that the blank height will beoptimally utilised by an appropriate twistof the rotary axis – so you can use flatterblanks.