N4 – The Art of Wet Grinding

  • N4 is a compact wet grinding machine without an external unit for grinding respectively milling blocks of glass ceramics, zirconium oxide and composites as well as titanium abutments. Its highest precision and

  • the quick drive units – common characteristics of all vhf machines – are combined here with a closed liquid cooling system in an extremely compact housing.

    1. 4 Axes
    1. 3 Blocks
    1. 8 Tools
N4 restorations
micrometre precision

  • Features

  • 4 simultaneously working axes

    The rotary axis (A axis) has a rotation range of + 190° to − 10°.

    Automatic changer for 8 tools

    The two removable changer stations for four tools each will be equipped with just a few moves. The material will then be machined fully automatized and you can spend your time with other useful things until you remove the finished work. Haptic tool measurement for usage of diamond-coated tools.

    Powerful and highly precise spindle

    With 4-fold hybrid ceramic ball bearings and a nominal power of 300 W under continuous load.

    Machine bed of massive aluminium cast

    The machine bed of massive aluminium cast facilitates highest stability and a low-vibration operation.

    Worldwide applicable

    Due to far range switching mode power supply for 100 – 240 V and 50/60 Hz with country-specific mains plug. Certification according to ANSI/UL61010-1 for exports to the USA and Canada.

    Ideal for the practice lab

    The N4 is an ideal machine for practice laboratories for producing the works without time delay and higher costs for an external production. Or you specifically add the wet grinding machine N4 to the already existing machines for dry processing in the dental laboratory. It will save you the cleaning works which become necessary in an alternating operation between wet and dry processing in one machine.

    Sophisticated protective mechanisms

    Protection of the danger zone during the machining process with an automatic safety interlock at the frontcover. A flexible rubber gaiter protects mechanics, electronics and spindle effectively from humidity.

    Especially efficient cooling

    Eight liquid nozzles which are arranged at the spindle cool the whole tool evenly from the tip to the shank at all machining stages.

    Fully integrated liquid cooling system

    Closed liquid cooling system – no external module for pump etc. necessary. Comfortable filling and cleaning due to removable drawer for liquid tank and filter for separating grinding particles.

    Wide range of indications

    For crowns, bridges (also fully anatomical), inlays, onlays, abutments, telescope crowns, veneers, table-tops etc.

    No previous knowledge necessary

    Very easy operation via provided CAM software DentalCAM with machining strategies that are especially adapted for grinding – no previous knowledge in milling or grinding necessary.

N4 working chamber
for practice laboratories

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