N4 – Wet Grinding without compromises

  • N4 is a compact wet grinding machine without an external unit for grinding respectively milling blocks of glass ceramics, zirconium oxide and composites as well as titanium abutments. Its highest precision and

  • the quick drive units – common characteristics of all vhf machines – are combined here with a closed liquid cooling system in an extremely compact housing.

    1. 4 Axes
    1. 3 Blocks
    1. 8 Tools
N4 restorations
micrometre precision

  • Features

  • Exceptional precision

    • restorations in ultra HD
    • premium spindle with 4-fold hybrid ceramic ball bearings for maximum running smoothness
    • 3 microns repetition accuracy

    Sophisticated design

    • eight fluid nozzles for even tool cooling
    • high speeds up to 60,000 RPM
    • heavy industrial quality

    Absolute independence

    • 30 block materials from 12 manufacturers – and rising
    • >140 titanium and CoCr prefabricated abutments from 11 manufacturers
    • ideal for the laboratory and the practice lab

    Validated results

    • researchers at Washington University have confirmed exceptional precision of –10 µm and +26 µm with challenging titanium milling

    Maximum economy

    • work on up to three blocks at the same time
    • automatic changer for eight tools
    • 24-month warranty

N4 working chamber
for practice laboratories

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