K5 Impression

The Next Generation in dry milling

Dear end customers,
our dental milling machines and dental grinding machines are exclusively sold via OEM partners and specialised trade. If you are interested, please directly contact our sales partners.

  • With K5 Impression you will get a five-axis dry milling machine for an especially wide range of indications. The B axis with an extraordinary great rotation range of up to ±  35 degrees and the fixing device for blanks with a thickness of up to 40 mm make sure that you can realize nearly any

  • object that can be dry milled. The especially stable construction of K5 guarantees excellent machining results. Numerous comfort features like an automatic tool changer or a practical accessory drawer make working with K5 quickly and efficiently.

  • 5 simultaneously working axes

  • In addition to the three linear axes in x, y and z, two rotary axes ensure many and varied machining options.

  • rotation range up to ± 35 degrees

  • The B axis with its exceptional great rotation range makes the K5 ideal for model casts and surgical guides as well as prosthodontics and implantology.

  • blanks of up to 40 mm thickness

  • K5 lets you machine a wide range of materials and indications: blanks and blocks of wax, plastics, model plaster, zirconium oxide and composites up to non-precious alloys on cobalt-chrome basis.

  • machine bed of massive aluminium cast

  • A cast body which is closed at five sides absorbs vibrations and ensures a high stability of the whole machine. Additionally reinforced linear guides in x, y and z as well as a double mounted B axis further increase the rigidity of the whole axis system – so that you'll always get first-class milling results.

  • automatic changer for 16 tools

  • In addition to the currently required tools, you can equip the tool changer with replacement tools right away. Thus you can continue working without interruption if a tool is worn out. Haptic tool measurement for usage of diamond-coated tools.

  • powerful and highly precise synchronous spindle

  • With 4-fold hybrid ceramic ball bearings and a nominal power of 300 W under continuous load – well-balanced torque band.

  • sophisticated protective mechanisms

  • Automatic safety interlock at the front cover while machining. The established working chamber sealing air concept in combination with a rubber gaiter effectively protects the mechanics, electronic and spindle against dust and chippings.

  • practical drawer for accessories

  • Your tools and blanks are well stored and immediately at hand. The drawer also holds an integrated administrated tool board (ATB) for your milling tools. Its 30 numbered slots will be administrated by the DentalCAM software.