Machine Overview

  • Z4 – Edge of Perfection

  • Why should dentists settle for less? Every dentist wants to process masterful restorations. For an upcoming in-office production we have developed the Z4.

Dental laboratories ↓

  • K5 – The Next Generation

  • With K5 you will get a five-axis dry milling machine for an especially wide range of indications. The especially stable construction of K5 guarantees excellent machining results.

  • N4 – The Art of Wet Grinding

  • N4 Impression is a compact four-axis wet grinding machine without an external unit for grinding respectively milling blocks of glass ceramics, zirconium oxide and composites as well as titanium abutments.

  • S1 | S2 – The workhorse

  • S2 is our most versatile five-axis dental milling machines. It has a blank changer for 8 blanks and is designed for dry machining as well as for wet machining. As a variant without blank changer, we offer the S1.

K4 edition
  • K4 – The Perfect Introduction

  • Most obvious is the extremely compact design of the K4 edition. Upon closer examination, the uncompromisingly rigid construction of the four-axis dry milling machine leaps to the eye. So it is ensured that you will achieve first-class results.