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Highest milling and grinding precision

Dear end customers,
our dental milling machines and dental grinding machines are exclusively sold via OEM partners and specialised trade. If you are interested, please directly contact our sales partners.

  • With more than 25 years of experience in machine-building and the development of CAM software, we achieve a high in-house production depth. So we do not only all (technical) design works, we also manufacture the machine parts for the dental systems on vhf industrial milling machines.
    The complete electronics and all milling tools are developed and produced by other members of the vhf group. Furthermore, we offer our own software which has bee

  • specifically designed to meet the needs of the dental technician.
    This results in two advantages for you: Thanks to the perfectly matching components made by vhf, we offer a sensational overall system in the field of CAM; thus you can process non-precious alloys on CoCr basis with all vhf dental milling machines. The high in-house production depth facilitates a very attractive price/performance ratio.

  • K5 Impression: five-axis dry milling

  • The K5 Impression is a five-axis dry milling machine for a wide range of indications with an especially great rotation range for challenging tasks.

  • N4 Impression: ideal for the practice lab

  • The N4 Impression is the new star in wet grinding. Grinding of glass ceramics and composites blocks in the smallest space without external unit.

  • S1 | S2 Impression: maximum variety of materials

  • The S1 and S2 Impression represent the universal all-in-one solution for dry milling and wet grinding. You will get incredibly quick perfect results; the S2 with its automatic blank changer is even suitable for non-stop machining.

  • wet grinding option for S models

  • The wet grinding option with its closed liquid cooling circuit opens up new machining possibilities to the S models. So you can also use them for wet grinding materials like glass ceramics.

  • K3 | K4 Impression: the perfect entry-level model

  • The compact milling machines K3 and K4 Impression – sold thousands of times worldwide. Either available with automatic tool changer or manual quick chucking device.

  • dental tools: optimized cutting edge geometries

  • The vhf milling and grinding tools distinguish themselves by a best possible surface quality of the machined material and a preferably long endurance of the tool.

  • dental software: no previous knowledge necesary

  • DentalCAM is a powerful software package which does not demand any previous knowledge due to its clearly structured user interface. Time-saving DirectMill function – while the paths are still being calculated, the machine already starts milling.