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  • Take a look at the numerous applications that can be produced with milling machines and milling tools from vhf.

  • You can order milling tools and expendable items quickly and conveniently in the shop – free of shipping costs!

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  • The CNC milling machines developed and manufactured by vhf in Germany have a wide machining spectrum: milling, drilling, chamfering, thread cutting and engraving of plastics, non-ferrous metals or wood as well as cutting and creasing in softer materials. Our milling machines work particularly efficient with the proven vhf vacuum clamping technology for processing large format plates, but also smaller positioning ranges or partitioned clamping areas are popular. Furthermore, diversity is a vhf standard: The modular construction allows us to optimize the equipment of every vhf milling machine for each relevant sector and each individual company.

  • On top of that, in the field of dental technology vhf offers high-precision dental milling machines and grinding machines for processing all materials which are common in this sector such as wax, plastics, zirconium oxide and composites up to non-precious alloys on cobalt-chrome basis.
    In addition to the CNC machines, the high-quality carbide and diamond tools are are a second mainstay of vhf. Not only the high endurance and sophisticated cutting edge geometries, but also the short delivery times – thanks to a stock of more than 100,000 items – make the vhf tools so popular. That means for you mostly: order today – use it tomorrow!