Z4 – Edge of Perfection

  • Why should you settle for less? Everyone wants to process masterful restorations. For same day dentistry production, we have developed the Z4.

  • Behind a futuristic housing and an easy, intuitive operation, there is a highly precise milling and grinding machine with the genes of the best laboratory machines.

Z4 Perfection

The new quality standard!

It defines new quality standards in wet machining of blocks. In addition to restorations of glassceramics, PMMA, zirconium oxide and composites, also prefabricated titanium abutments can be finished with the highest precision.


  • Z4
  • Easy to use

    • smart touchscreen operation
    • automatic working chamber access door
    • tool-free material mount (1-click mounting)
    • coloured working chamber illumination indicates machining status
    • working chamber with anti-graffiti coating for minimum cleaning effort
    • automatic tool change
    • self-opening drawer without handle contains water tank and tool magazines
    • colour coded tool magazine
    • removable and dishwasher-proof water tank
    • integrated WiFi module


    • most finely balanced high frequency spindle with up to 100,000 RPM
    • precise guiding rails and high-class ballscrew drives
    • massive internal machine bed made of aluminium cast
    • state-of-the-art FPGA based controller
    • premium industrial quality Made in Germany


    • automatic matching of block material and required tool magazine
    • no unauthorised interference by patients possible
    • webcam in the working chamber
  • Materials

    • glass ceramics
    • PMMA
    • zirconium oxide
    • composites
    • prefabricated titanium abutments
  • Environment & Resources

    • extremely quiet due to internal insulation and thick-walled die casting housing
    • no external compressed air supply necessary
    • grinding without additives subject to mandatory waste disposal