Z4 – Tomorrow's leading technology. Available today.

  • Why should you settle for less? Everyone wants to process masterful restorations. For same day dentistry production, we have developed the Z4.

  • Behind a futuristic housing and an easy, intuitive operation, there is a highly precise milling and grinding machine with the genes of the best laboratory machines.

Z4 Perfection

The new quality standard!

It defines new quality standards in wet machining of blocks. In addition to restorations of glassceramics, PMMA, zirconium oxide and composites, also prefabricated titanium abutments can be finished with the highest precision.


  • Z4
  • Highest precision

    • milling and grinding in ultra HD
    • heavy industrial quality
    • 3 microns repetition accuracy

    Fastest production

    • restorations in under 10 minutes
    • 2-second block insertion
    • 100,000 RPM electrical high frequency spindle

    Extremely economical

    • clear water – no additives necessary
    • automatic changer for 6 tools
    • self-opening working chamber door and drawer
    • easy to learn, easy to operate
    • 24-month warranty

    Complete independence

    • 38 block materials from 20 manufacturers – and growing
    • >190 titanium prefab abutments from 11 manufacturers
    • validated with all established scanners and design software
    • fully integrated workflow with TRIOS Design Studio (3Shape), DWOS chairside (Dental Wings) and exocad ChairsideCAD
    • Integrated PC with touch screen and Wi-Fi – no laptop or tablet necessary
    • Built-in compressed air – no compressor needed

  • vhf Z4 – The Future of Digital Dentistry

    This video shows the most important features of the Z4 by vhf. See for yourself why dental experts all over the world call this machine "The Future of Digital Dentistry".

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Z4 – Tomorrow’s leading technology. Available today EN PDF 0,8 MB Download
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