S2 – Performance nonstop

  • The S2 is a highly versatile dental milling machine. It has five simultaneously working axes, a blank changer for 8 blanks and is designed for dry machining as well as for wet

  • machining. S2 is prepared for connecting the wet grinding module. Thus you can grind all common glass ceramic types.

    1. 8 Discs
    1. 24 Blocks
    1. 48 Abutments
S2 working chamber
non-stop machining

  • Features

  • Maximum precision

    • restorations in ultra HD
    • premium spindle with precision bearing, a powerful 600 watts and 60,000 RPM
    • 3 microns repetition accuracy

    Tremendous stability

    • processes all types of commonly used materials, including CoCr as well as titanium and glass-ceramics with the wet-grinding option
    • solid cast-body for minimum vibrations

    Maximum variety

    • almost unlimited choice of materials in 98 mm disc format as well as 30 types of blocks and >140 prefabricated titanium and CoCr abutments
    • large indication diversity thanks to a ± 30 degree rotation angle in the 5th axis, and up to 30 mm blanks
    • the optional wet-grinding module converts the S2into a wet-processing machine without need for modifications

    High reliability

    • day and night operation
    • 100% developed and manufactured in Germany
    • 24-month warranty

    Maximum efficiency

    • automatic changer for 8 discs or 24 blocks or 48 prefabricated abutments
    • automatic changer for 16 tools
    • easy to operate DentalCAM with DirectMill function – no annual fees

Wet grinding option

  • S2 is prepared for connecting the wet grinding module. There are liquid nozzles already mounted at the spindle so that the tool will be optimally cooled while grinding. Thus you can

  • also grind materials like glass ceramics (VITABLOCS® Mark II, VITA ENAMIC®, VITA SUPRINITY®, IPS Empress®, IPS e.max®).

  • Features

  • Sophisticated system for liquid treatment

    Liquid treatment with triple filtering by integrated coarse filter, flat folded filter and fine filter; a contact-less ultrasonic sensor measures the exact liquid level.

    New machining possibilities

    Materials like glass ceramics which can only be wet ground complete the list of machinable materials.

    Worldwide applicable

    Due to far range switching mode powersupply for 100 – 240 V and 50/60 Hz with country-specific mains plug. Certification according to ANSI/UL61010-1 for exports to the USA and Canada.

    Intelligent labyrinth air guiding system

    No machine changeover necessary when switching between wet and dry machining due to patent pending intelligent air circulation system by labyrinth air guiding system. The regularly used dry vacuum cleaner simply has to be connected to the wet grinding module instead of to the machine.

    Best surface quality – short grinding times

    Due to the rigid construction of the S models and the highly precise spindle you will achieve high-class results by using the cooling lubricant vhf Tec Liquid and the appropriate vhf grinding tools. For instance, it is possible to grind a fully anatomic crown of the materials IPS e.max® or VITABLOCS® Mark II within approximately 25 min.

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