K4 edition

K4 edition – Amazing results. Affordable price.

  • Most obvious is the extremely compact design of the K4 edition. Upon closer examination, the uncompromisingly rigid construction of the machine leaps to the eye. So it is ensured that you will achieve first-class results – even in

  • extremely hard non-precious alloys on cobalt-chrome basis. The K4 edition is our special edition for the fifth K4 anniversary with new features.

    1. 4 Axes
    1. 1 Blank
    1. 7 Tools
K4 edition blank
highest accuracy

  • Features

  • Maximum precision

    • restorations in ultra HD
    • high-quality spindle with 4-point bearing for maximum concentricity accuracy
    • 5 microns repetition accuracy
    • high rotational speeds of up to 60,000 RPM
    • automatic axis calibration

    Powerful construction

    • processes zirconia, composites and plastics as well as CoC
    • an uncompromisingly robust build with extremely compact dimensions
    • four axes working simultaneously for high indication diversity

    Complete independence

    • almost unlimited availability of materials in 98 mm disc format, up to a thickness of 25 mm; no restrictions in terms of the material manufacturer

    High reliability

    • 100% developed and manufactured in Germany
    • tactile measuring pin for use of diamond tools
    • 24-month warranty
    • thousands of machines in use world-wide

    Maximum efficiency

    • automatic changer for seven tools
    • best price-performance ratio
    • easy to operate DentalCAM with DirectMill function included – no annual fees

K4 edition working chamber
very easy operation

Dear end customers,
our dental milling machines and dental grinding machines are exclusively sold via OEM partners and specialised trade.
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