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    07/21/2011, Ammerbuch: The machine builder vhf camfacture AG from Ammerbuch near Stuttgart issued two new catalogues in spring 2011. Analogue to the previous issues the focus is on CNC milling systems and the corresponding accessories as well as on carbide and diamond tools.

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    Each product is presented with a detailed profile in the catalogues. Thus one can assemble in a few steps an optimally equipped milling system of individual system modules which exactly meets the desired requirements – of course it would be a pleasure for the vhf sales team to actively support the prospective customer. And one can choose the suitable tool for a certain milling task.

    Compared to the previous issue, both catalogues have considerably increased in size. The Active Mold line which is especially suitable for large-volume mould making has been added to the machine catalogue as well as many accessories. The tool catalogue has been extended for a dozen of new tool types. Thus both catalogues have increased by 16 pages each: The machine catalogue now has an extent of 100 pages and the tool catalogue of 64 pages. A list of the most important innovations is provided on the following pages.

    The two catalogues including price list will be available as a PDF download on the vhf website.

    Innovations in the machine range:

    Many things are described in more detail due to the greater variety of machines; the considerably extended range of accessories takes up more space now. Moreover, several system modules have been added.

    • Active Mold Line
      With the Active Mold a completely new CNC machining system was developed on the basis of the popular Active Pro line. It is especially suitable for three-dimensionally milling large blocks.
    • New spindle types
      Most changes occurred in the range of rotary current spindles. The strongest model of the standard range now offers a maximum power output of twelve kilowatts.
    • V-cut unit
      A movable knife for 45° bevel cuts in corrugated cardboard or in soft sandwich materials. It can be used for producing stable three-dimensional objects like displays or packaging.
    • Folding device with creasing wheel
      This folding device with creasing wheel can be mounted next to the cutting head and thus enables a combined working cycle of folding and cutting materials like cardboard or paperboard.
    • Rotary axes for profiles
      In order to machine profile bars from multiple sides, vhf has developed the rotary axis for profiles. It is available with a length of up to six metres and is equipped with T-slots.
    • Optical workpiece recognition
      The camera system recognizes register marks on the workpiece or the edges of the workpiece itself and the machining paths are adjusted accordingly. Thus inaccuracies are compensated perfectly.

    Innovations in the tool range:

    Nearly in every tool category cutting edge geometries have been optimized and single tools have been added. Moreover, a lot of new tool types have been taken into the catalogue.

    • Single tooth cutters with face radius
      The tip of this single tooth cutter is rounded in order to achieve optimal results without distracting steps in three-dimensional mould making.
    • HSC double tooth cutters
      The especially steep spiral flute (15 degrees) of this tool allows the chips to be removed very quickly and thus high rates of feed.
    • Double tooth cutters for aluminium
      With its 45 degrees spiral flute, this tool creates especially smooth edges of cut; it is optionally available with AluSpeed® coating.
    • Double tooth cutters for wood
      This straightly slotted tool only exerts low drag forces on the workpiece and thus prevents fringing of the edges.
    • Radius cutters with free grinding
      Due to the especially long free grinding, finest details can be milled at high dipping depths.
    • Triple tooth cutters for foam
      The cutting edge geometry of this tool is optimized for machining foam without fringing its vertical edges.
    • Four tooth ratio cutters
      A tool with four cutting edges and different lead angles of the flutes. This asymmetry facilitates a vibration-free running.
    • Deburring tool with quadrant
      The quadrant grinding of this tool creates smooth round chamferings on workpieces of plastics or metal.
    • GRP/CRP cutters
      With its diamond toothing or spiral toothing especially suitable for milling highly abrasive materials with a high endurance.
    • Router bits for aluminium composites
      A V-slot cutter for bending aluminium composite plates with a thickness of 3 to 6 mm. Available with two different top angles.
    • Carbide lances
      For the use in cutting heads, we offer different kinds of lances and knives with a cutting edge length of up to 75 mm.

    The new catalogues

    „CNC Machining Systems and Accessories“ with an extent of 100 pages as well as „Carbide and Diamond Tools“ with an extent of 64 pages.

    The new catalogues: „CNC Machining Systems and Accessories“