• Support for Oxfam Germany

    12/03/2014, Ammerbuch: Doing good – donating education: As in previous years, the vhf camfacture AG supports also in 2014 a charitable organisation. On that account the company refrains from giving presents to their business partners at the end of the year.

    Unterstützung Oxfam Deutschland

    Oxfam schoolAs in every year, vhf sets new priorities in selecting the recipient. vhf supports the project Basic education for girls in Benin of the organisation Oxfam Germany.

    In Benin, Oxfam supports girls from poor homes. Their parents sent them to guest families in large cities so that they can go to school there. But instead of getting the desired education, the children – above all girls – have to execute domestic and menial works in their guest families.

    They are exploited as labourers, are treated badly, are hit or in the worst case abused. In addition to their domestic duties, many girls have to earn their keep as street vendors or as helpers on the markets of the big cities. So there remains no time to attend school. The girls work the whole day in the domestic homes and at markets in their districts and the expected access to education and apprenticeship remains refused to them. Much worse: many children are heavily scared and traumatised by these experiences.

    Together with its partner organisation ASSOVIE Oxfam establishes classrooms directly at the markets. Currently 280 girls can attend school two times a week. Thus they have the chance to do an apprenticeship later on.

    Oxfam schoolEducation doubles the girls’ chance to raise healthy children later on and enables them to stand up against the grievance in their own country. It is proven that with an increased education rate of women also the productivity of a region increases. However, in many countries still considerably more boys than girls attend school.

    Imparting education to children in these countries is not for free. So the vhf camfacture AG has decided to round up the amount which is usually spent for presents, their packaging and shipment to 5,000 euros again and to support the project of Oxfam Germany with it.

    The executive board and employees of the vhf camfacture AG are pleased that they were able to make a meaningful contribution and are sure that their business partners also agree to having contributed to a good cause with the presents intended for them.

    Oxfam DeutschlandInformation about Oxfam

    Oxfam Deutschland is an independent aid and development organisation that fights for a world without poverty. In the international network 17 national Oxfam organisations co-operate with more than 3,000 local partner organisations in nearly 100 countries.

    Oxfam provides the girls in Benin with the oppurtunity to go to school.

    (Photos © Oxfam Deutschland | Stefanie Beck)