• One head – several possibilities

    07/11/2012, Ammerbuch: vhf has developed a universal head for multi-purpose usage with easily exchangeable tool attachments. At the moment there are appropriate attachments available for cutting, creasing and 45 degrees V-cutting.

    Ein Kopf – mehrere Möglichkeiten

    If the universal head is equipped with a straight cutting attachment, one ideally cuts thin materials like film or cardboard. Moreover, a creasing wheel can be used for applying folds to cardboard or similar materials. The V-cut attachment is especially interesting for advertising and exhibition purposes. You can use it for diagonally cutting corrugated board or sandwich materials like Re-board® or Kapa®. So you can produce stable three-dimensional objects like displays, trade fair and shop furnishings, packaging boxes or customer-specific samples. But you can also process thin materials like passe-partouts with this attachment. For this purpose, there are attachments with different knife lengths available. Other tool attachments can be manufactured on request.

    In the controller of the CNC machining system appropriate programs are stored so that all working steps of each machining unit and its respective attachment will be performed under consideration of the tool geometry. This may be for instance the tangential adjustment of the oscillating lance or the slantwise movement of the V-cut knife into the material.

    Most commonly, the universal head is used together with an oscillating tangential cutting head as part of the multi unit. On an Active Pro system, this unit can even be mounted next to the milling spindle. So there is no need anymore for exchanging the machining unit when different kinds of machining methods have to be performed. However, the universal head is also available as single unit and can then be exchanged with the milling spindle by a quick change fixture.

    vhf universal head with V-cut attachment

    The vhf universal head with V-cut attachment for 45 degree diagonal cutting, here together with the oscillating tangential cutting head as part of the multi unit.

    Download Picture Universal Head

    vhf universal head with V-cut attachment