• New vhf catalogues

    09/16/2014, Ammerbuch: Number of Pages Doubled: In September 2014 the machine building company vhf camfacture AG from Ammerbuch near Stuttgart in Germany has released two new catalogues with the focus on CNC milling cutters and CNC milling machines. Especially the tool catalogue marks a new milestone compared to the last printed issue from 2011.

    Neue vhf-Kataloge

    vhf has added more than 20 completely new types of tools to the catalogue. On top of that hundreds of new cutting edge geometries of already existing tool types complete the new issue. Accordingly the extent of this catalogue has doubled – from 64 pages before to 128 pages now.

    At a glance: innovations in CNC milling cutters

    • Four new models enrich the choice of double tooth cutters: The double tooth cutter with polished flute has extremely sharp polished cutting edges with radial relief grinding and it runs especially smoothly due to its two cutting edges. The double tooth cutters for aluminium profiles facilitates high rates of feed due to its very good immersion characteristics and a short cutting edge; it is especially suitable for window and door manufacturing. An ideally matching mould making duo is made up by the double tooth cutters with torus and undercut which is suitable for roughing non-ferrous metals, plastics and wood and the double tooth cutters with face radius and undercut as specialist for the following finishing process.
    • For machining copper and graphite vhf has added three new roughing and finishing cutters: characteristic for the roughing cutters is their interrupted cutting edge profile with diamond-shaped knurling for quickly breaking the chips. The especially short chips can be removed very quickly then. An appropriate finishing cuter with especially low vibration running characteristics for processing copper completes this tool category.
    • The choice of composite cutters for highly abrasive materials like GRP/CRP or honeycomb plates has been extended by six new types at once. Three types of milling cutters have variously staggered tooth systems with cross cut of 6 to 14 micro teeth rows. With an increasing fibre amount of the composite materials, it is recommended to choose an increasingly fine toothed milling cutter. The finely toothed composite cutter is also available with an additional chip breaker flute which effectively chops especially long chips. Two new honeycomb cutters with five or six cutting edges and a straight respectively slightly coiled flute are perfectly suitable for sandwich plates with honeycomb core.
    • Two new engraving tools are available: The channel cutter is a graver with a 180° top angle for making die channels in pressed paper sheets. Furthermore, semi-finished gravers with preground profile are now also available. They can be finished by the customer according to his own demands.
    • The quadrant cutters are new router bits with two cutting edges and a concave quadrant grinding for milling accurately rounded convex edges or appropriate internal profiles. Also new are triple tooth surface milling cutters with massive steel shank where a carbide head is soldered on. They are used for an efficient and top quality surface milling of larger areas of wood-based materials, MDF, plastics and aluminium.
    • Last but not least vhf offers three new kinds of diamond tools: Thanks to their less expensive polycrystalline diamond cutting plates, the PCD polishing cutters and gravers can be used for polishing considerably thicker materials than by using comparable tools with cutting edges of monocrystalline diamond. The new CVD milling cutters have one or two CVD (chemical vapour deposition) cutting plates which distinguish themselves by their great hardness and long endurance. Thus they are ideal for abrasive materials. For more details about the new diamond tools see PR 2013-03.
    • Many additional cutting edge geometries: The already existing tool types have been considerably extended, too. Worth to be pointed out here are especially 200 new diameters and lengths of single and double tooth cutters.
    • For more news compared with the last printed issue see PR 2012-03 about the PDF update.

    The extent of the machine catalogue has been extended by eight pages. Here the innovations are mainly around cutting, but also about an interesting add-on package for an even more rigid machine construction and more powerful drive units.

    At a glance: innovations in CNC milling machines

    • The new Premium Pro package makes milling machines of the Premium line even more reliable, rigid and powerful for an especially favourable price. It combines three extra features: With an axis covering the rubber lip protected openings of the guide rails of the linear axes will be completely covered. This effectively prevents that chips may impair the drive units – especially recommended when working more often without a suction unit. On top of that the x axis will be supported by an additional U-beam which is equipped with traction and pressure screws in order to enable an optimum fine adjustment – especially recommended for broader bridges. Finally, enhanced drive motors make up the third component of this package; they facilitate a more powerful machining of the workpieces.
    • For more news compared with the last printed issue see PR 2012-03 about the PDF update.

    At first, the two new catalogues including price list will be available as PDF download and will be distributed at the trade fair AMB in Stuttgart. Shortly later, the printed catalogues (German edition only) will be sent fresh from the press to all customers and interested parties registered at vhf. By the way, the whole circulation of the catalogues is printed on 100 % recovered paper. Thus valuable resources of wood, water and electricity have been saved and the generated waste has been reduced.