• New CVD and PCD milling and polishing tools

    04/26/2013, Ammerbuch: Since the beginning of 2013, the vhf camfacture AG has extended their range of diamond tools considerably. For milling, new tools with CVD thick film plates are now offered. For polishing, there are now polishing cutters and polishing gravers available which have cutting edges of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) – a very economically priced material.

    Neue Fräs- und Polierwerkzeuge aus CVD und PKD

    The CVD milling cutters are ideal for abrasive materials like GRP/CRP or harder non-ferrous metals and their alloys. They are centre-cutting and their carbide shank is equipped with one or two CVD cutting plates. These CVD thick film plates are built up in thin layers by Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD). Afterwards they are cut into shape by a laser beam or by eroding. The result is a very homogenous diamond structure and an extremely smooth cutting edge with which highest surface qualities will be achieved. Compared with the already very good results of PCD tools, the CVD tools distinguish themselves by an even greater hardness and resistance to wear which can lead to an even longer endurance.

    Using PCD polishing cutters, edges and pockets of any contour in thicker acrylic workpieces can be polished to a high gloss, with the PCD polishing gravers the appropriate engravings. Especially the polishing cutters distinguish themselves by their extra long cutting edges. So also the edges of very thick plates can be polished in one cycle without disturbing steps. This becomes possible by using PCD cutting plates instead of the much more expensive monocrystalline diamond (MCD) cutting plates which are usually used for polishing. These PCD cutting plates have a very fine grain size and will be finished by grinding in a separate step after laser cutting respectively eroding. Thus, there are only slight differences in polishing quality compared with the results of MCD tools. However, in most cases they are more than compensated by the effect of the longer cutting edges.

    A key feature of all diamond tools described above is their especially long endurance. On top of that, they are regrindable for several times – this makes them a valuable investment. Like all vhf tools, they can be ordered free of shipping costs via the vhf Shop.

    CVD milling cutters

    For machining abrasive workpieces.

    CVD milling cutters – detail view of the cutting edge geometry

    PCD polishing cutters

    Edges and pockets of thicker acrylic workpieces can be polished to a high gloss.

    PCD polishing cutters – detail view of the cutting edge geometry

    PCD polishing gravers

    Engravings in acrylic will be polished to a high gloss.

    PCD polishing gravers – detail view of the cutting edge geometry