• Milling simultaneously with 5 axes and automatic blank feeding

    04/23/2013, Ammerbuch: The company vhf camfacture AG has presented two new models of their successful Impression line at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany. The CAM 5-S1 Impression distinguishes itself above all by five simultaneously working axes. Due to the second rotary axis (B axis) with a rotation range of up to ± 30 degrees undercuts can be milled without any difficulty. The CAM 5-S2 Impression includes an additional workpiece feeder for up to eight blanks.

    Fünf-Achs-Simultanfräsen und automatische Werkstückzuführung

    While developing this new machine series it had been important to maintain the successful characteristics of the K models which are on the market since 2010 – the easy operation, the compact high-quality construction and a favourable price. At the same time the new machines should open additional machining possibilities and become even more comfortable compared with the four-axis versions.

    In order to create a solid basement for the highly precise five-axis mechanics, the machine bed of the S models consists of one single massive cast part. This makes these machines extremely stable with minimal exterior dimensions. Moreover, vibrations are reduced and the mechanics is optimally protected. This cast machine bed is also a prerequisite for the retrofittable wet-grinding option which makes it possible to process glass ceramics.

    Besides the additional fifth axis and the cast machine bed, the S models distinguish themselves from the K models above all by their more powerful and more precise synchronous spindle with a four-fold hybrid ceramic ball bearing and a nominal power of 300 watts under continuous load. In addition to the currently required tools, the automatic tool changer for 16 tools can be equipped with backup tools which will be automatically exchanged in case of wear. Of course, it is also possible to equip the magazine with tools for machining different kinds of materials.

    On top of that some more technical refinements are the basis for valuable services in everyday-usage. Just a little excerpt: The working area blocking air concept which ensures that a constant low pressure is maintained during the machining process protects the mechanics from milling dust. So the wear and maintenance expenditure can be considerably reduced. A tool measuring key which reacts on pressure instead of electrical contact makes the use of diamond-coated tools possible. And finally both, the new machines and the standardly provided CAM software DentalCAM?5 are designed for milling non-precious alloys on cobalt-chrome basis.

    If a user likes it even more comfortable, the model CAM 5-S2 Impression is recommended. It is additionally equipped with a blank changer for up to eight blanks and can be loaded via a second front lid. The proper blank for the milling job will then be automatically inserted into the machine when required.

    In December 2012, the trade professionals could have a first glance on the prototypes of the new Impression models at the Euromold in Frankfurt, Germany. At the IDS which took place in March 2013 in Cologne, already the serial model of the CAM 5-S1 Impression was shown. Currently, the CAM 5-S2 Impression is in the phase of the last fine-tuning so that it will be delivered in brief to the OEM partners and resellers.

    Milling Machine CAM-5-S1 Impression with five simultaneously working axes

    Milling Machine CAM 5-S1 Impression

    Detail view of the interior of a CAM 5-S1 Impression

    With rotated axes, on the right side of the B axis is the tool changer with 16 stations.

    Detail view of the interior of a CAM 5-S1 Impression

    Milling Machine CAM-5-S2 Impression

    The blank changer for eight round universal blanks is located behind the additional smaller front cover on the left side.

    Milling Machine CAM-5-S2 Impression