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    12/05/2013, Ammerbuch: Support for Pestalozzi Children’s Village Wahlwies: As in previous years, the vhf camfacture AG makes also in 2013 a donation to a charitable organization. On that account the company refrains again from giving presents to their business partners at the end of the year.

    Spende statt Geschenk

    Donation Instead of PresentEvery year, vhf sets new priorities in selecting the recipients of their donations. This year vhf has decided for the Pestalozzi Children's and Adolescent's Village Wahlwies (www.pestalozzi-kinderdorf.de) located in Stockach near the Lake Constance. About 120 children and adolescents who can not grow up in their family of origin because of violence, abuse, mental illness or addiction problems of the biological parents, live there. In the children's village families, they get a safe home, security, loving care and the chance of a healthy physical, emotional and intellectual development. Another 100 children and adolescents with learning disabilities and emotional or social disadvantages attend the special school or make a artisan or agricultural education.

    Offering a home to children and adolescents from socially deprived backgrounds is not for free. Much of the valuable work of the children's village is only possible due to private donations. So the vhf camfacture AG has decided to round up the amount which is usually spent for presents, their packaging and shipment to 5,000 euros again and to donate it to the therapeutic institution of the children's village.

    The executive board and employees of the vhf camfacture AG are pleased that they were able to make a meaningful contribution and are sure that the business partners also agree to having contributed to a good cause with the presents intended for them.

    Therapeutic horse riding

    Therapeutic horse riding – one of the many therapeutic possibilities of the Pestalozzi Children’s and Adolescent’s Village.

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