• Increased variety with the multi unit

    07/12/2012, Ammerbuch: A vhf milling machine can now be made even more flexible by using a new multi unit. With its two machining heads, the user gets a helpful appliance to be prepared for numerous creasing and cutting tasks.

    Vielfalt hoch zwei mit dem Multi-Aggregat

    One of the two machining heads of the multi unit is a universal head which may be fitted with different attachments. It can be used for cutting straightly, for 45 degrees diagonal cutting and for creasing. The second one is an oscillating tangential cutting head which has already proved to be successful in the vhf product range. Here the inserted lance moves up and down with high speed. It is especially suitable for cutting thicker workpieces and such materials which are soft and tend to fraying. Lances for this head are available with a total length of up to 75 millimetres. The active head will be lowered with a pneumatic lift cylinder into its working position while the other head will be lifted into its home position at the same time. So a mutual interference can be excluded.

    Due to the manifold possibilities of processing a workpiece, the multi unit is ideal for sign makers, trade fair stand builders, packaging manufacturers and for all those who often work with cardboards and similar materials. It is available in two variants: Firstly, a removable unit for the Premium line which can be exchanged with a quick-change fixture against the spindle on the z axis. Secondly, a firmly fixed unit for the Active Pro line which is mounted on a separate sliding carriage at the bridge. In this case the additional machining heads are always right of the milling spindle. This reduces the traverse way for cutting and creasing in x direction by up to 300 mm; however, the positioning range for milling is not limited. The Active Pro variant of the multi unit opens up completely new possibilities because without any alterations on the machine there are always three different machining units at the user’s disposal. Each of them can be comfortably activated over the manufacturing software.

    Multi unit on a CAM 2030 Active Pro

    To the left on it is the universal head and to the right is the oscillating tangential cutting head.

    Multi unit on a CAM 2030 Active Pro