• Efficient extraction of aluminium chips

    10/17/2016, Ammerbuch: vhf camfacture AG has developed an especially efficient extraction system for milling aluminium. At the same time it allows the chip removal and the supply of cooling liquid which is required for machining aluminium. The centrepiece of the system is a suction shoe with two inlets for the spray nozzles of the vhf minimum quantity lubrication which ensures the cooling of the tool during the whole machining process. vhf also offers an appropriate cooling lubricant which is optimised for this application.

    As conventional vacuum cleaners are particularly not approved for explosive aluminium chips, scattered chips had to be accepted as a necessary evil previously. Because different from milling plastics or wood, dry-milling of aluminium is not possible. In addition to that, these chips cause worse milling results, especially for materials with more than 10 mm thickness, as for instance the cooling liquid can not be optimally brought to the tool.

    However, the suction unit of the vhf extraction system for aluminium processing is designed to suck in damp aluminium chips. This combination of a special suction unit with a specifically developed suction shoe and an adapted suction hose with extra great diameter facilitates a large air volume flow. So a very efficient dust extraction becomes possible, especially in grooves. The brushes at the bottom of the suction shoe further increase the cleaning effect.

    So the user does not only benefit from a considerably lower cleaning effort for the machine and the workpieces, but also from better milling results which become especially obvious in deeper grooves. A short video vividly shows the difference of milling aluminium with or without suction unit.


    Extraction System – Milling Aluminium

    The shoe of the vhf aluminium extraction system mounted at a rotary current spindle SPC 1500P. Cooling liquid is provided through the two inlets for the vhf minimum quantity lubrication while the suction unit is working.