• DentalCAM 7 becomes more convenient, versatile and faster

    06/06/2017, Ammerbuch: Manufacturing software has always been an import part of vhf’s range of products – self-developed, an open import system and perfectly adapted to vhf's milling and grinding machines. In June 2017, the next generation – DentalCAM 7 – will be released and vhf offers users even more options and fun when working with the software.

    DentalCAM 7

    Already at the first glance, the newly designed user interface attracts attention: The new look and feel is more modern and clearer, but still familiar. A great highlight here is the consistently three-dimensional display of the imported cases. It makes the nesting process not only much clearer, but offers also considerable advantages: So users can now position objects in the material blank even more precisely; this is particularly useful for multi-layer materials.

    Numerous other functions improve the handling of complex cases: For instance, DentalCAM 7 now supports angled screw channels for implant cases, additional editing functions for cavities and drillings, and the user is much more flexible in editing sinter support bars.

    There are also many of innovations behind the user interface: with improved milling strategies, the user benefits from a faster processing in the machine with consistently high quality. On top of that, the automatic tool breakage monitoring increases the process reliability.

    Here you will find a short video about the new key features of DentalCAM 7.


    DentalCAM 7

    The new user interface of DentalCAM 7 with its three-dimensional nesting view. Another small window shows a lateral view of the current object in space.


    DentalCAM 7: better support for complex objects

    Better support for complex objects: Among others, now also angled screw channels for implant cases (left) are supported and cavities and drillings can be checked prior to milling and be manually edited if necessary.