• Dental grinding machine N4 introduced

    11/28/2014, Ammerbuch: The Compact Class of Wet Grinding: At Euromold 2014 in Frankfurt, vhf camfacture AG has introduced a new machine for dental technology which extends their wet grinding portfolio considerably. Although it was nearly the smallest machine at the vhf booth, it has attracted the greatest attention – the prototype of the wet grinding machine N4 Impression which has been presented to the public for the first time.

    Dental-Schleifmaschine N4 vorgestellt

    Dental grinding machine N4 ImpressionThe N4 Impression is a wet grinding machine for glass ceramics and composites which has been newly developed from scratch. Its highest precision and the quick drive units – common characteristics of all vhf machines – are combined here with a closed liquid cooling system in an extremely compact housing.

    The machine convinces above all by the high quality of its grinding results and its quick machining process. All this is integrated into a small, but very stable metal housing without external pump or suction unit – so it offers great innovation on little space.


    Fully integrated liquid cooling system

    Wet grinding machine N4 ImpressionWhile grinding, the cooling lubricant is led through eight liquid nozzles which are arranged at the spindle and cools the whole tool evenly from the tip to the shank at all machining stages. The machine bed of massive aluminium cast facilitates highest stability and a low-vibration operation. Together with the flexible gaiter at the spindle it furthermore guarantees that all the liquid will remain solely in the working chamber of the machine. The removable liquid drawer under the working chamber also contains a filter mat for separating grinding particles.

    Up to three material blocks can be quickly fixed. Furthermore the two removable changer stations for four tools each can be equipped with just a few moves. The material will then be machined fully automatized and the user can spend his time with other useful things until he removes the finished work.

    The N4 Impression is an ideal machine for classic dental laboratories and practice laboratories for producing the restoration works cost-efficiently. This machine makes it quite easy to extend the laboratory’s possibilities by the multitude of glass ceramic materials. On top of that, already existing machines for dry processing can be complemented by the wet grinding machine in order to relieve machines in alternating operation and to minimize their cleaning effort at the same time.

    The official market launch of the wet grinding machine N4 Impression will take place at the International Dental Show IDS in Cologne, Germany, in March 2015. Like vhf’s dental milling machines also this machine will be sold exclusively via OEM partners and authorised resellers.

    finished restorations

    In the finished restorations, most filigree structures have been carved out.