• Cenon version 4.1 with machining time estimation

    05/22/2017, Ammerbuch: Update of manufacturing software: Version 4.1 of the manufacturing software Cenon, released in spring 2017, above all scores with a new function for estimating the machining time of milling or cutting jobs.

    Cenon 4.1

    This feature calculates the expected processing time prior to machining. Even the CNC controller’s specific acceleration characteristics will be included in the calculation in order to get a really accurate time estimation. This is useful for calculating prices and for planning the job order on the machine.

    In case of repeating machining tasks, the actual processing timecan be saved for post-calculation and retrieved later. So the machining time of such jobs can be predicted to the second. The paths for positioning above the material (moves) and the paths for machining the workpiece (drives) will be displayed separately.

    Further improvements in version 4.1

    • Copying layers: Cenon 4.1 is not only able to copy single elements, but also full layers including the selected tools and layer details.
    • Zoom function: zooming with the scroll wheel of the mouse means a considerable improvement in handling.
    • User-friendliness: many features of Cenon now have got a tool tip.
    • DXF import: zero lines will be no longer imported, splines can be imported.
    • Immersion depths will be displayed in gray scales in different situations.
    • In case of critical angles in bézier curves, the curve handles will be displayed in red.
    • and much more...

    The price for a Cenon update from the preceding version 4.0 under Apple Mac to the current version 4.1 is € 550; the update of the CCD module for the optical workpiece recognition from version 4.0 will be available free of charge. Upgrade prices for former Cenon versions and OpenStep versions on request.


    Cenon 4.1

    Machining time estimation