• Catalogue update for download

    08/15/2012, Ammerbuch: vhf offers their updated machine catalogue and their updated tool catalogue from now on for download as PDF. Both catalogues have been extended by four pages each. Compared with the still distributed printed version, changes have been made especially in the following sections:

    Catalogue update for download

    Catalogue “CNC Machining Systems and Accessories”

    • The new Multi Unit which is made up of an oscillating tangential cutting head and a universal head, enables combined cutting works with straight and diagonal cuts as well as creasing.
    • A new tangential cutting head (non-oscillating) is offered which is preferably used for cutting thinner materials with high precision applying the “kiss-cut” method.
    • Adjustments of the automatic tool changer: e. g. now there is a special variant for CAM 100 Classic available.

    Catalogue “Carbide and Diamond Tools”

    • New single tooth cutters with free grinding: Suitable for milling very deep slots. A rather short spiral flute facilitates great stability and smooth running.
    • New double tooth cutters for stainless steel: This torus cutter has a small edge radius. Thus its wear resistance is increased and one will receive a very good surface quality.
    • New carbide milling cutter for aluminium composites: An extra balanced tool which runs very smoothly. With this milling cutter one can realize especially high rates of feed.
    • Many additional tool geometries: Also the existing tool types have been considerably expanded. To be emphasized here are new diameters and lengths of the following types: Engraver’s milling cutters for stainless steel, single tooth cutters Varius®, single tooth cutters with polished flute, single tooth cutters with hawk beak profile, triple tooth cutters for foam, deburring tools and carbide lances.

    The pages which contain the most important news are marked accordingly in the updated catalogues. Moreover, in the tool catalogue all new tools or tools with modified cutting edge geometries are highlighted in colour for a better distinction.

    Update Star

    This update star is on all pages of the updated catalogues where significant changes have been made:

    Catalogue Update for Download