Tool Development and Production

development and production carbide tools
Everything from a single source: Beginning with the development of the cutting edge geometry over the production of the carbide tools on a 6 or 7 axis grinding centre up to a contact-free complete measuring with a 4 axis machine.

Our tool experts develop sophisticates cutting edge geometries in order to exactly adjust the tools to different materials and machining strategies.

These standard and special tools will be manufactured on most modern six and seven axis precision grinding centres. vhf exclusively uses ultra finest grain or super finest grain carbides of German origin. Finished tools will be checked by a CNC measuring machine with four axes and a resolution of the measured values of 0.25 μm. Thus highest quality is guaranteed.

The own production facilities enable us to flexibly manufacture variants of existing tool types. So the range of products will be further extended also during the period of validity of this catalogue. Please have a look from time to time to see if there are new tools which may be interesting for you.

Special wishes?

If you need a custom-made tool or if you need larger amounts of a special tool type, just contact us. For instance, we can produce several kinds of tools exactly according to your specifications. So you will always have the proper tool for your special tasks. We can also produce semi-finished parts (step blanks, halved carbide rods, etc.) for you on modern circular grinding machines and six-axis grinding centres.

Or you may have a great demand for a special kind of tool. In this case, we can agree an annual order at an attractive fixed price.

Within one year, you can order partial deliveries of a previously defined total amount whenever you need the tools. You can take advantage of reduced storage costs and low capital lockup. Nevertheless you will benefit from advantageous quantity discounts. We would be glad to submit you an appropriate offer.