X = New. Different. Innovative.

  • The X is the beginning of a new era and the culmination of more than 30 years of the German art of engineering by vhf. With our experience and passion for perfection, vhf has created a new generation of machines that literally has it all. This is because the X is full of cutting-edge technology in the

  • smallest of spaces on a 2 x 3 m clamping surface. And as an absolute all-rounder, is capable of much more than just milling. Thanks to the optional XtraUnit that can be integrated into the X, it is also perfectly equipped for cutting and creasing.

  • Xstructure

    Precision. Strength. Stability.
    We call it the Xstructure – specially developed, high-strength aluminum profiles achieve an unparalleled degree of stiffness with the most state-of-the-art technology inside. Compared to steel designs, the internal X-shaped "honeycomb structure" offers maximum resilience at a significantly lower weight. In combination with its low-vibration cast machine parts, the X runs extremely smoothly.

  • Xhead

    No compromises.
    No material is a match for a powerful 5.8 kW of peak power paired with speeds of up to 40,000 rpm. The X reliably mills a wide range of materials, including plates made of aluminum, plastic, wood, and stainless steel sheets. An optional built-in XtraUnit with lance oscillation that can be activated as needed cuts soft materials. It can also easily be used for V cutting, kiss cutting, and creasing. All without retooling!

  • Xmeasure

    Camera for more precision.
    The integrated camera makes it possible to move to the workpiece’s zero point easily and accurately. Optionally, you can equip your X with automatic register mark recognition for printed workpieces, so that the contour is milled or cut exactly along the print.

  • Xvac

    Highly efficient with a firm grip.
    Eight sensor-monitored vacuum suction units intelligently integrated into the machine table provide an impressive 1,325 m³ flow rate for maximum holding strength. This allows you to reliably secure your workpieces to the 2 x 3 m clamping surface. At the same time, the brushless and long-lasting power units consume only as much energy as necessary and are surprisingly quiet.

  • Xscan

    Safety first.
    The safety laser scanner offers maximum protection without compromising handling. The X features state-of-theart safety technology – without annoying light barriers, safety mats or enclosures that slow down your workflows.

  • Xtool

    Unrivaled flexibility and convenience.
    Up to 24 tools can be swapped in and out as desired. Change all of the HSK-25 milling tools as well as all available cutting and creasing tools fast and with flexibility – it’s extremely convenient, saves time, and doesn’t require manual operator intervention.

  • TripleXdrive

    Concentrated power.
    The innovative drive concept combines the power of three motors per axis and therefore not only increases travel speed, but also offers additional accuracy. You will see it on your workpieces!

  • Xtras

  • With the fully integrated dust extraction system, the X always delivers clean results. It also adapts itself perfectly to workpieces of different heights – completely automatically.

    The minimum quantity lubrication makes trouble-free metal processing possible. Thanks to intelligent integration, you can even vent and cool at the same time.

    For easy and exact alignment of your workpieces, the X is equipped with several pneumatic stops that can be set individually.

  • The electronic workpiece leveling allows you to perfectly engrave and chamfer over the entire surface, even with material thickness tolerances.

    The simple operation via tablet with a clear user interface allows you to control your machine quickly and intuitively. Take full advantage of the X’s technological capabilities – it’s quite easy.