Premium Line

At home in industry

  • We have developed the Premium line especially for challenging industrial applications. It distinguishes itself particularly by its more stable construction and more powerful drive units. And with different clamping areas on the same

  • machine you can work even more efficiently. Vacuum table, T-slot area and front clamping range next to each other – you have almost no set-up times.

  • Pockets, slots and drillings
  • Contours, threads and chamfers
  • Contours, chamfering, pocket milling – hard plastic
  • Technical parts – plastics

    Discover in this video different kinds of milling applications in aluminium, plastics and wood – sheet materials, profiles and housings.

  • 3D form – ureol
  • 3D model – foam
  • Woodworking – Multiplex®

  • industrial machining of plastics, metal and wood

  • The CNC milling machines of the Premium line are so versatile and individual as your applications and hardly spare any material.

  • positioning range: up to 2,000 x 3,000 mm

  • Our Premium machines will be configured according to your application – available in 500 mm steps up to a size of 2 x 3 meters.

  • z axis lift: 190 to 490 mm

  • The z axis lift is available in four variants with 190, 290, 390 or 490 mm – depending on whether your applications are mainly in the sector of plate processing or mould making.

  • repetition accuracy: ± 0.01 mm

  • Backlash-free ball screw spindles of high-alloy steel ensure stability, precision and a reliable power transmission from the high-torque drives.

  • very smooth operation and thus a convincing quality of the cut edges

  • The rigid substructure and the powerful drive units with double linear guides and two y-axes ensure a high running smoothness. This is reflected in the high quality of edges which have been milled with the Premium class.

  • optionally with front and rear clamping range

  • High workpieces can be clamped vertically – so you can machine for example larger housings frontally.

  • all machines available with housing

  • The Premium machines can be built with fully or partially enclosed housings in different versions.

  • greatest choice of equipment varieties

  • The largest variety of spindles, fixing devices and additional equipment is offered for the Premium line.

  • Slot milling, chamfering and thread cutting
  • Milling contours and pockets in plastics
  • Contours and breakouts – sheet steel
  • Contours, chamfering, pocket milling – hard plastic

    Dietmar Rogg
    "With our vhf milling machine we produce the parts that are requested today and have to be delivered tomorrow."

  • Breakouts and threads – housing production
  • Milling contours – coated Multiplex®
  • 3D form – solid wood

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  • Technical data

    • substructure construction using high-strength aluminium profiles ensures extreme stiffness, low weight and highest load capacity
    • massive T-slot table (thickness: 20 mm) for easily fastening workpieces and fixing devices using slide nuts
    • precise steel linear guides driven by hybrid motors
    • stable underframe as integral part of the machine
    • ball screw spindles free from backlash with flanged bearings
    • 2 axes in y direction enable a better distribution of force and more flexible designs of custom-made systems
    • dimensioning of x/z axis: 225 mm
    • teflon-coated rubber seal protects the spindles from chips
    • repetition accuracy ± 0.01 mm
    • 4 end/reference switches, accuracy < 0.01 mm
    • cable drag chains for all cables
    • easy-to-maintain construction

    Scope of delivery

    • CNC milling machine
    • controller CNC 980+
    • manufacturing computer with flat screen
    • separate emergency stop button
    • complete cable set
    • machine documentation in German or English
  • Premium Pro package

    For even more reliability, rigidity and driving force of your milling machine, we have compiled the Premium Pro package for an especially favourable price. It combines the following features:

    • axis covering
      The axis covering completely covers the rubber lip protected openings of the guide rails of the linear axes. So it effectively prevents that chips may impair the drive units – especially recommended when you are more often working without a suction unit.
    • bridge support
      The bridge support stabilizes the x axis with an additional U-beam which is equipped with traction and pressure screws in order to enable an optimum fine adjustment – especially recommended for broader bridges.
    • enhanced drive motors
      Enhanced drive motors with 7 A instead of 5 A current intensity facilitate an even more powerful machining of your workpieces.

    Delivery and installation service

    Having ordered a new milling machine, you profit from the vhf delivery and installation service:

    • free delivery, setup and commissioning in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
    • graded rates for all other countries
    • well-priced lump sums within the European Union
    • Constricted access conditions? No problem – just use our on-site assembly service. Your machine will be delivered unassembled and will then be assembled at the installation site.

    For using your new milling machine productively right away, you will also get a comprehensive introduction into its usage.