Controller CNC 680+
For highest precision and speed: CNC 680+

A good controller is as decisive for good results as a good basic mechanics. However, this point is often being disregarded. CNC 680+/980+ is a three-dimensional controller for milling machines with up to five axes.

The controller is the link between the manufacturing software and the basic mechanics.

  • Classic systems
    CNC 680+ is always part of the scope of delivery of all Classic systems.
  • Premium and Active Pro systems
    Due to their more powerful drive units, the Premium and Active Pro systems will always be delivered with CNC 980+.

Real-time processing of up to five axes

The modern real-time operating system uses the potential of your CNC milling machine to full capacity. Due to exponential acceleration ramps and an automatic change-over to the full-step mode, the maximum speed will be reached quickly. The continuous velocity along the path and the resolution of 64 microsteps per step ensure clear edges of cut and a high working speed, even when there are very narrow radii to be processed.

At least four digital in- and outputs each serve for measuring and control purposes, e. g. for the tool measuring key of the automatic tool change, for an electronically switched tool cooling unit or different pneumatically powered devices.

On request, preceeding models of the vhf milling machines and also some machine types of other manufacturers can be upgraded to this new controller. You will see: there are poles apart whether you drive your machine with a simple controller or with a high end controller like CNC 680+/980+.

  • Technical data

    • simultaneous interpolation of up to five axes
    • real 3-D processing
    • continuous velocity along the path, in 3-D and real-time with dynamic pre-calculation of path
    • four-quadrant control of the motors for an especially smooth operation
    • greater smoothness of running, more powerful and more accurate due to microsteps (1/64 step), automatic change-over to full step mode for greater rates of feed
    • high processing speed, exponential acceleration ramps
    • easy adaptation of different software packages via command set similar to DIN 66025 with many powerful features like automatic tool change and workpiece or tool measurement
    • 4 digital outputs (24 V, together max. 3 A) for controlling process flows (e. g. clamping devices for workpiece feed) or extra devices
    • 4 digital inputs (24 V) for security appliances (light grids, etc.) or measuring devices
    • spindle interface (digital and analog)
    • connection for control panel
    • connection to PC via USB or RS 232
    • additional Ethernet connection for updates
    • halt function with continue or program termination
    • status display via LEDs
    • robust and isolated metal housing
    • upgradable hard- and software

    power data CNC 680+

    • output power 40 V each, max. 4 A
    • 4 additional digital in- and outputs each

    power data CNC 980+

    • output power 80 V each, max. 8 A