Classic Line

Compact professional use

  • Our established Classic line is especially suitable for thin materials and filigree applications. It covers the small to medium sized positioning ranges. Equipped with a high

  • frequency spindle, the Classic line enables you to work espcially efficiently with small tools due to the high rotational speeds.

  • Small parts – polystyrene
  • Milling and engraving front plates
  • Milling and engraving of front panels including threads
  • Engravings – brass

    Watch this video and see our Classic machines while they are milling, thinning the letters, producing front plates and engraving isolation channels.

  • Engravings – acrylic glass
  • Engraving of measurement scales
  • Engraving of advertising signs

  • fine engraving and milling works in plastics, metals, wood

  • With our Classic line you can produce front plates, technical parts of plastics and aluminium, PCBs, coining dies and signs or you can machine smaller housings – the range of applications is great.

  • positioning range: up to 1,000 x 1,250 mm

  • Available in 6 sizes from small to medium – make your production more efficient by producing several smaller workpieces on a larger panel.

  • z axis lift: 70 to 460 mm

  • Machining of thinner, solid plates with a lower lift or milling models and moulds of lighter block materials – it's up to you.

  • repetition accuracy: ± 0.01 mm

  • Backlash-free ball screw spindles in all axes and hybrid motor drives ensure high accuracy – so you succeed in even the finest engravings.

  • our classic: successfully on the market since 1992

  • Thanks to ongoing enhancements always technically up to date – proven a thousand times.

  • Milling of plug models – plastics
  • Thinning out fonts for stamp production
  • Manufacturing arts-and-crafts objects
  • Milling of plug models – two layer plastics

    Sybille Hasse
    "If you want to ensure quality, you must also count on quality. vhf has been our reliable partner for many years."

  • Engraving all kinds of fonts
  • Milling of small parts – PVC
  • Production of PCB prototypes

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  • Technical data

    • construction using high-strength aluminium profiles ensures extreme stiffness and low weight
    • T-slot table for easily fastening workpieces and fixing devices
    • precise steel linear guides driven by hybrid motors
    • ball screw spindles free from backlash with flanged bearings; lead in x/y/z direction: 16 x 4 mm, for CAM 100 16 x 5 mm (other leads are available)
    • dimensioning of x/z axis: 175 mm
    • teflon-coated rubber seal protects the spindles from chips
    • repetition accuracy ± 0.01 mm
    • 3 end/reference switches, accuracy < 0.01 mm
    • cable drag chains for all cables
    • easy-to-maintain construction

    Scope of delivery

    • CNC milling machine
    • controller CNC 680+
    • manufacturing computer with flat screen
    • separate emergency stop button
    • complete cable set
    • machine documentation in German or English
  • What are hybrid motors?

    Hybrid motors are brushless motors which are equipped with high-grade ball bearings. They have permanent magnets as well as electromagnets. We always use them for driving vhf CAM systems because they offer a number of advantages:

    • rotational speed stability even under load variations; this enables finer resolutions
    • highest torque in the lower speed range, no complex and maintenance intensive gear units necessary
    • lowest after-running and smallest transient response – micro step operation additionally increases the positioning accuracy considerably
    • highest holding torque without brake during standstill which leads to a generally increased stiffness of the machine
    • reduced risk of machine damage and injury at blockage
    • longest lifetime and maintenance-free
    • our HighTorque hybrid motors are the highest-quality version of stepper motors

    Delivery and installation service

    Having ordered a new milling machine, you profit from the vhf delivery and installation service:

    • free delivery, setup and commissioning in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
    • graded rates for all other countries
    • well-priced lump sums within the European Union
    • Constricted access conditions? No problem – just use our on-site assembly service. Your machine will be delivered unassembled and will then be assembled at the installation site.

    For using your new milling machine productively right away, you will also get a comprehensive introduction into its usage.