The Bestseller Becomes A Multi Talent

The 2 x 3 m Active Pro with multi unit & register mark recognition

  • Have you seen our bestseller? This popular version is based on the 2 x 3 m Active Pro. With a multi unit for cutting, creasing or V-cuts and a register mark recognition Cenon

  • CCD for print & cut the Active Pro becomes a multi talent. Become productive quickly – without time-consuming retooling.

Multi unit

  • Multi unit for cutting, creasing or V-cuts
  • The multi unit expands the range of possibilities of an Active Pro again enormously. So you can edit in addition to the standard milling materials such as acrylic glass, Dibond®, aluminium, Forex®, Kömacel®, wood etc. numerous other materials. For example Kapa®, paperboard, cardboard, tarpaulins, soft and hard rubber.

  • The multi unit consists of an oscillating tangential cutting head and a universal head which can be equipped with different attachments.

  • Cutting work – foam
  • Cutting corrugated cardboard
  • V-Cut – Re-board®
  • The oscillating tangential cutting head is responsible for straight cuts in thicker materials.
    The universal head can be used for different processing tasks such as 45 degrees diagonal cutting (V-cut), straight cuts in thin materials, for cuts in the outer layer of a film (kiss-cut) and creasing.

Register mark recognition

  • Precise contour milling with CCD camera system – Forex®
  • The register mark recognition Cenon CCD is an optical detection system with high-quality CCD camera for precise contour milling or cutting of printed materials.
    Printed registration marks are recorded here by a precision CCD camera and the milling paths will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Sign Making Bestseller – the 2 x 3 m Active Pro

    See in this video how numerous materials are processed with an 2 x 3 m Active Pro – for example milling, engraving, cutting and creasing.

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