System Racks

System rack
All controllers clearly arranged.

All controller components (CNC controller, frequency converter and – if necessary – the compressor cooling unit) are also available as 19 inch plug-in units. So they can be installed in a lockable 19 inch system rack.

The computer with monitor which is included in the scope of delivery of the basic system can be integrated, too. This means protection against unauthorised operation of the system. On top of that, a system rack is space saving and you will get an optimum clearness of the operating elements. Some spindle types even demand a system rack in order to be able to integrate all necessary components.

If installed on your machine, you can use lighted switches for turning on and off the vacuum tables. Computer system and controllers may be turned on and off by central switches. An additional emergency stop switch increases the machine safety additionally.

The components which are installed in the system rack will be cooled – depending on the equipment – by one or two powerful fan(s).

Technical data

  • stable metal housing with powerful fan
  • lockable
  • space for all controller components in 19 inch plug-in housings
  • central switch for controller and computer system (separate fuse protection possible)
  • lighted switches for vacuum tables (if installed)
  • extensible keyboard drawer, separate placement area for mouse
  • emergency stop switch at central position