Safety Devices

Mobile light grid system
Two columns of the mobile light grid system: after an intervention into the secured area, the machine will stop.

The machine safety is a topic which must not be neglected, especially when the operating personnel changes frequently or when semi-skilled employees work at the machine.

Without a housing with lift gate or an appropriate locking at its access doors, the machine may only be operated by personnel that has been introduced by vhf. Moreover, only these persons may work in the setup mode.

While the machine is working, there is a risk of injury when the operator interferes with the range of the rotating tool. Different concepts may increase the safety:

  • If the CNC milling machine itself is not protected by a housing, you can define a protected area around it by a mobile light grid system. As soon as someone steps into the secured area, the machine as well as the spindle will stop.

Here a basic rule is that the safety devices are not activated during the setup operation of the system. So you may step into the secured area for setting up workpiece and carbide tools. Only after you have started the output process (and thus the spindle), the safety devices will be activated.

The emergency stop switch always stops the machine immediately, also during the setup operation. So, extra emergency stop switches at different locations increase the safety, too.

  • Technical data

    additional safety devices

    • light grid at the housing of the machine (protection by a dense grid of light barriers – as soon as one interferes with the positioning range of the machine, it switches into the halt mode)
    • secured area by light grid system which is set up around the machine (especially recommendable for bigger machines without housing – as soon as one interferes with the protected area, it switches into the halt mode)
    • flexible safety fence which will be installed around the machine as protection against touching moveable machine parts during the machining process and as protection against parts which may fly around
    • safety lock for covering cap or door
    • signal light which indicates machine operation/standstill
    • additional emergency stop switches
    • lighting for housings with roof construction; in case of open machines, the lighting is a matter of the local conditions
    • more safety devices on request – we would be glad to develop a safety concept according to your specific situation