Minimum Quantity Lubrication

Minimum quantity lubrication
Minimum quantity lubrication with two flexible spray nozzles; top left: liquid tank with controls and instruments.

The technically most perfect solution for cooling the tools is an electronically controlled minimum quantity lubrication unit which reduces the required amount of lubricants to a few millilitres per hour. We strongly recommend this unit for working regularly on steel.

This technique combines the advantages of dry processing with those of flood lubrication: The necessity of cleaning machines and workpieces is reduced as well as disposal problems. On top of that, the workplace exposure to harmful vapors or skin contact to cooling liquids will be reduced considerably. The carbide tools, however, remain within their optimum temperature range during the machining process.

The primary goal of this method is not to dissipate heat with cooling liquid, but to prevent the generation of heat by lubrication. The lubricant will be atomized so finely by a precise dosing technology that there is no spray viewable.

Altogether, these droplets have an extraordinary big surface. The resulting very thin lubricating film remains there even under high pressure and reduces the friction energy during the machining process. This reduced stress of the tool leads to clean edges of cut and an increased endurance at high rates of feed.

  • Technical data

    • finely dispensable, electronically controlled system for finest liquid particles without any viewable spray
    • minimum consumption of cooling liquid (depending on the adjustment only a few millilitres per hour)
    • 2 spray nozzles which can be adjusted independently from each other
    • tank size 1 litre, recommended for lubricants like the special minimum quantity lubricant WST 20
    • optional: model with tank size 4 litres, recommended for alcohol etc.; here the tool will be cooled by a fine spray mist – according to the principle of the cooling/spraying unit, however with a considerably reduced liquid consumption

    Scope of delivery

    • liquid tank with controls and instruments
    • 2 spray nozzles with capillary hoses
    • 1 litre special lubricant WST 20
  • Requirements

    Please note that you need a compressed air supply for the operation of the minimum quantity lubrication. The average consumption of air amounts to approximately 80 litres per minute. Depending on the whole equipment of your milling machine, it is possible to choose between different types of compressors.

    Several questions may lead you to the right model: how high is the consumption of blocking air, is there a pneumatic tool change, how long are the hoses, what is the maximum noise level of the compressor?