CNC milling machine CAM 1010 Premium with housing
CNC milling machine CAM 1010 Premium with three-sided housing and pneumatic lift gate.

A housing especially improves the safety of the milling machine and the cleanliness of its surroundings. It gives you a protection against touching moveable machine parts accidentally and prevents greater amounts of chips from spreading around in your workroom.

By standard, the housing is made of fixed side and rear panels which have polycarbonate windows. For the front side there are solutions with different security levels available:

Basic protection
A basic protection will be established by a dense grid of light barriers. If someone intervenes into the danger zone, the CNC milling machine will stop.

Housing with folding doors or covering cap
A housing with folding doors or covering cap prevents nearly completely that chips or cooling liquid pollute the surroundings of the machine. It is also a protection against parts which may fly around and lowers the noise level. If someone opens the door, the machine will stop.

Housing with pneumatic lift gate
The housing with pneumatic lift gate ensures the best protection against unwanted interventions as the lift gate remains always closed during the working process and cannot be opened manually.

Technical data

  • basically the housings for the bigger Classic and all Premium machines consist of a stable aluminium profile construction with polycarbonate panes; the height of the side panels is 111 cm (except the covering cap for Classic systems)
  • Starting from the basic types, it is possible to construct a multitude of different customer-specific housings. So just tell us the exact circumstances at the installation site of the CNC milling machine and we can offer you the appropriate housing construction. For safety reasons, milling machines that are not equipped with a dust extraction unit have to be equipped with a housing.

Suitable machine lines