Dust Extraction Unit

Dust extraction unit for rotary current spindle SPC 2300P
Dust extraction unit for the rotary current spindle SPC 2300P with WK 19 cone change.

Our dust extraction unit offers you an elaborated concept for the removal of coarse filings and fine dust particles. The suction pipe remains closely above the workpiece during the whole working process. There the tool is being surrounded completely by the suction shoe; however, for the tool change it will be released automatically.

This increases your safety in practice due to a:

  • protection against contact with the tool without limitations in the ease of use

A large cross-section of the pipe without many windings guarantees best results during the engraving and milling process.

We also offer the appropriate industrial vacuum suction units for our dust extraction units. These suction units are dimensioned in a way that they can remove also large quantities of chips without problems. They are also available with a fine filter (necessary when you work on materials that may be damaging to the health).

For safety reasons (protection against contact with the rotating tool), a milling machine which is not equipped with a housing must be equipped and operated with a dust extraction unit. It can also be used in combination with an automatic tool changer.

  • Technical data

    • extraction of fine particles and coarse filings
    • protection against contact during machining process
    • adjustment only once necessary, even for different tool lengths; easy adjustment of the dust extraction unit
    • dust extraction unit with grounded stainless steel tube (external diameter: 40 mm for universal and WK 19 type, 50 mm for SK 30 type), moveable in z direction by linear guides, with adjustable stops
    • flexible hose connection for a rotatable link between the stainless steel tube and the suction hose, easily disconnectable (for universal and WK 19 type)
    • easily disconnectable and exchangeable suction shoe
    • universal type suitable for all high frequency spindles, the rotary current spindles SPC 1000 and SPC 1500 and the standard spindle
    • WK 19 type suitable for the rotary current spindles SPC 1500P and SPC 2300P with pneumatic cone change
    • SK 30 type suitable for the rotary current spindles SPC 3800P and SPC 5500P (both with pneumatic cone change) and the rotary current spindle SPC 6000
  • Scope of delivery

    • dust extraction unit with linear guide
    • removable suction shoe, fitting to the spindle diameter
    • suction hose

    Industrial suction unit

    • industrial suction unit as described above
    • crevice nozzle and suction brush

    optional: switching unit PSW 01

    • switching unit for automatically switching the suction units CTL 36, CTL 48 and IVB 5M via the controller