Cooling and Spraying Unit

Cooling/spraying unit
Manually controlled cooling/spraying unit (right of the high frequency spindle).

Cooling the tools is required for milling or engraving many kinds of materials. So you will benefit from better edges of cut and a longer life of your tools.

Here we offer two different concepts:

  • the cooling and spraying unit
  • the minimum quantity lubrication

If you mainly process softer sorts of metal like aluminium, you could choose between both alternatives; if you mainly process steel, you should decide for the minimum quantity lubrication. In this case, the lubricating effect determines a successful machining process.

The cooling and spraying unit creates fine spray of cooling liquid under high pressure which ensures especially at high rotational speeds that the cooling liquid will reach the cutting edge directly.

Optionally, it is also possible to switch the cooling and spraying unit automatically with a magnetic valve by the manufacturing software, so that there will not be used more cooling liquid than necessary.

  • Technical data

    • fine spray, thus little consumption of coolant
    • regulable discharge of coolant
    • 1 spray nozzle
    • optional: model with magnetic valve for automatically switching the cooling spray after start and end of work

    Scope of delivery

    • cooling and spraying unit with 1 nozzle incl. tubes for liquid and air
  • Requirements

    Please note that you need a compressed air supply for the operation of the cooling/spraying unit. The average consumption of air amounts to approximately 50 litres per minute. Depending on the whole equipment of your CNC milling machine, it is possible to choose between different types of compressors.