Control Panel – Operating Unit

Control panel
Comfortable setup of the CNC milling machine with the control panel (here stored on its retaining plate).

The control panel makes the setup of your CNC milling machine easy and comfortable. The long cable gives you a lot of free moving space.

Thus settings like accessing the starting position do not have to be made in the manufacturing software on the computer any more, but can be set quickly and accurately with a precise control wheel. The current position can be imported afterwards into the vhf manufacturing software (Cenon or CNC Term) at the push of a button.

The control panel can be mounted at the front of the milling machine, so you will have a good view on the workpiece surface while positioning the axes. The control panel also has an emergency stop button and can interrupt and continue the output process. During the output process, the rotational speed and the feed rate can be modified.

Technical data

  • mountable directly at the CNC milling machine
  • approaching workpiece origin and changing rotational speed of spindle and feed rate with control wheel
  • choice of two speed levels
  • integrated emergency stop switch and halt button
  • splash-proof metal housing
  • import of current position in Cenon and CNC Term