Peripheral Equipment for Milling Machines

Complete your CNC milling machine with useful accessories. Each of these components either improves your results or makes your work more comfortable. For safety reasons, every machine has to be equipped either with a dust extraction set or with a housing/covering cap. However, we also offer individual safety concepts for your company.

Automatic tool change

You can make the whole machining process more efficient by using an automatic tool changer.

Dust extraction unit

This dust extraction unit offers you a thought-out concept for the extraction of filings and fine particles.

Cooling and spraying unit

A tool cooling is often necessary. You get clear cutting edges and the lifetime of your tools increases.

Minimum quantity lubrication

The technically most sophisticated solution for tool cooling is an electronically controlled minimum quantity lubrication.


Above all, housings provide safety, cleanliness and sound insulation.

Safety devices

There are different additional safety options which may be employed depending on individual conditions.

Control panel

The control panel makes the setup of your CNC milling machine easy and comfortable due to its precise control wheel.

System racks

All controller components can be installed in a lockable system rack.