Optical Workpiece Recognition

CCD camera system
The CCD camera system captures register marks on the workpiece or the edges of the workpiece itself.

With a CCD camera which is mounted at the z axis of the CNC milling machine, you can optically measure your workpieces or register marks which are printed on it. However, you still need an appropriate software for this. We offer a bundle with Cenon CCD, an extension module for the manufacturing software Cenon.

Such a software independently adjusts the output graphics according to the captured position of the register marks, that means they will be aligned by rotating, proportionally scaled or stretched/compressed in one direction. This method is especially interesting when you want to compensate inaccuracies of the printing process on workpieces.

The optical workpiece recognition nevertheless allows to mill, engrave or cut them precisely fitting. The appropriate register marks can be printed in the reject area of the workpiece. It is also possible to recognize the edges of the material if you want to identify the position of your workpiece on the machine table.

On top of that your work becomes easier when you have to push through oversized materials in several steps under the bridge or when you have to process workpieces congruently from two sides.

Technical data

  • CCD camera system which can be mounted next to the machining unit for optical recognition of register marks – so you can mill, engrave or cut precisely fitting in printed workpieces
  • capturing of workpiece corners so that the position and alignment of your workpieces on the machine table can be identified contact-free
  • drill holes can be used as marks for precisely reversing your workpiece for a double-sided machining


Scope of delivery

  • bright CCD camera, focal width 9 to 22 mm, water-proof lens
  • fixing arm for mounting the camera at the z axis of the machining system
  • cables to the computer
  • optional: Cenon CCD for processing the marks and adapting the output