Automatic Z Adjustment Unit

Automatic z adjustment unit
Adjustment of the z origin of a workpiece within seconds with the mobile measuring plate.

This handy tool is used to precisely adjust the workpiece origin in z direction (i. e. the surface of the workpiece) within seconds. The workpiece itself does not have to be accessed directly any more.

For adjusting the z origin, the adjustment unit has to be placed between tool and workpiece when lowering the z axis. As soon as a contact between the tip of the tool and the metal surface of the adjustment unit has been established, the z axis stops immediately and you have determined your workpiece surface.

So it can be ensured that the distance between the workpiece surface and the tip of the tool always is exactly the same after the measuring process – independent of the thickness of the material and the length of the carbide tool.


It is necessary for the measuring process that an electrical contact can be established between the tip of the tool and the adjustment unit. Requirements here are either an electrically conductive motor shaft or the manual attachment of an additional magnetic contact to the cap nut prior to the measuring process (this depends on the spindle type).

Be also careful when you select your tools: The tools have to be electrically conductive, too. In case of coated tools or diamond tools this may probably not be the case. So please do always check the electric conductivity of a tool before you start a measuring process with the automatic z adjustment unit.

Technical data

  • quick adjustment of the workpiece origin in z direction
  • no scratching of workpiece necessary
  • usable at any position of the workpiece
  • accuracy of height adjustment independent of tool length and workpiece thickness within the range of a few hundreths millimetres