Tangential Cutting Head

Tangential cutting head
Tangential cutting head with resilient cutting unit for film and flock material.

By using a cutting head, you can considerably extend the range of applications of your CNC milling machine. This tangential cutting head is suitable for cutting plotter film and flock material where a bottom layer shall not be cut through. However, with its additional actuating motor which aligns the lance perpendicular to the working path, the tangential cutting head offers a considerable extra benefit compared with a drag knife. So it is possible to precisely cut also very narrow paths and small fonts.

"Kiss-cut" method

With the "kiss-cut" method which is applied here, only the surface layer of a film will be cut through but not the bottom layer below. The lance is led in a distance bush which glides over the material. The length which the lance emerges from the distance bush is the dipping depth into the material at the same time and can be steplessly adjusted.

If the dipping depth is increased accordingly, the tangential cutting head can also be used for cutting the surface layer together with the bottom layer. You can adjust the pressing force of the lance on the material with a thumb wheel so that a wide scope of materials can be cut.

Technical data

  • automatic tangential adjustment of the tool into machining direction to the working path
    tangential tool adjustment
  • kiss-cut method for cutting film, flock and similar materials where a surface layer has to be cut and a bottom layer below shall not be cut through
  • steplessly adjustable cutting depth by a distance bush which glides over the material
  • spring force can be finely adjusted over a latching thumb wheel; separate display of the set pressing force
  • optionally available with quick-change fixture for a quick exchange with the spindle

Scope of delivery

  • tangential cutting head; for CNC 980+ controllers incl. additional axis card
  • electric cables
  • lance