Rotary Current Spindles

Rotary current spindle SPC 3800P
Powerful rotary current spindle SPC 3800P with pneumatic SK 30 cone change.

These rotary current asynchronous motors are due to their high torque very well suitable for powerful milling works with bigger tool diameters in plastics, wood and metal. Maximum rotational speeds of up to 40,000 RPM allow high rates of feed even when you are using medium tool diameters.

  • ideal for heavy milling works, also with big tool diameters
  • high precision
  • long lifetime of spindle bearings
  • adjustable rotational speed
  • high-revving spindles with up to 40,000 RPM available
  • high torque
  • large clamping range
  • software-controlled frequency converter with monitoring functions

As standard we offer rotary current spindles with up to 6 kW nominal power respectively 12 kW maximum power.

A tempered and grind sleeve shaft with several bearings guarantees high precision. So even fine engravings can be done. The intelligent controller enables constant rotational speeds, even when the load is changing. On top of that, the spindles are fully software-controlled and integrated into the safety concept of the CNC milling machine.

 All P models have a pneumatic cone receptacle which is a prerequisite for an automatic tool change. Thus your machining process can go on in a highly automatized way.

For selecting your suitable spindle, you can ask yourself some guiding questions. Of course, we would be glad to advise you in considering all relevant details.

When should one choose a high-revving rotary current spindle?
A high-revving rotary current spindle is recommended for medium tool sizes (diameter from approximately 4 to 10 mm). Using these spindles you have the greatest flexibility.

When should one prefer a low-revving rotary current spindle?
A spindle with much power and torque makes mainly sense when a high chip removal rate should be achieved with bigger tools (diameter from approximately 8 to 20 mm).

  • Technical data

    • see overview for power, rotational speed and chucking capacity
    • tool change: manual with special wrenches or with pneumatic cone change (see overview)
    • software-controlled frequency converter with monitoring functions (temperature, overload etc.) and status indication via LEDs
    • compressor cooling unit for protecting the spindles from overheating under high load (see overview)

    Scope of delivery

    • rotary current asynchronous motor
    • SPC 1000, SPC 1500 and SPC 1500P: frequency converter in table housing or 19 inch slide-in housing for integration into the underframe of the machine or for installation into a system rack; all models from SPC 2300P: frequency converter in 19 inch slide-in housing
    • collet chucks: always 3, 4, 6 and 8 mm, additionally for SPC 1500, SPC 1500P and SPC 2300P: 10 mm, additionally for SPC 3800P, SPC 5500P and SPC 6000: 10, 12, 16 and 20 mm; spindles with manual tool change will be delivered additionally with hook/pin wrench, spindles with pneumatic cone change will be delivered additionally with one cone and a mounting device with an appropriate wrench
    • all necessary connection cables
    • compressor cooling device for SPC 2300P
  • Requirements

    Please note that you need a dry and oil-free compressed air supply for all rotary current spindles with pneumatic tool change or blocking air. You will need a constant pressure of 6 bar. The air consumption of the pneumatic tool change can be disregarded, the consumption of blocking air amounts to approximately 100 to 150 litres per minute. Depending on the whole equipment of your CAM system, it is possible to choose between different types of compressors.

    Several questions may lead you to the right model: how high is the consumption of blocking air, is there a cooling/spraying unit or a pneumatic tool change, how long are the hoses, what is the maximum noise level of the compressor?

    The spindle types SPC 2300P, SPC 3800P, SPC 5500P and SPC 6000 will be delivered with a frequency converter which has to be installed in a 19 inch system rack. The spindle type SPC 2300P will be delivered with an extra compressor cooling unit. For the installation of these components, an appropriate 19 inch system rack is required.


Rotational speed
SPC 1000 1,000 W 3,000 –
manual no no ≤ 8 mm P, AP, C
SPC 1500 1,500 W 1,900 W 4,100 W 5,000 –
manual yes no ≤ 10 mm P, AP, C
SPC 1500P 1,500 W 1,900 W 4,100 W 5,000 –
WK 19
yes no ≤ 10 mm P, AP
SPC 2300P 2,300 W 2,600 W 3,500 W 5,000 –
WK 19
yes yes ≤ 10 mm P, AP
SPC 3800P 3,800 W 4,600 W 6,600 W 1,000 –
SK 30
yes no ≤ 20 mm P
SPC 5500P 5,500 W 6,600 W 12,000 W 1,000 –
SK 30
yes no ≤ 20 mm P
SPC 6000 6,000 W 7,200 W 8,600 W 2,000 –
manual no no ≤ 20 mm P, AP

* mechanical output power under continuous load of the spindle (100 % machining time)
** mechanical output power during a simulated machining cycle (60 % machining time, 40 % positioning time)
*** maximum mechanical output power of the spindle
◯ value not determine