Oscillating Tangential Cutting Head

Oscillating Tangential Cutting Head
Oscillating Tangential Cutting Head, mounted with quick-change fixture on the z axis.

In this machining unit a thin carbide lance moves up and down with high speed. So it becomes possible to work on much thicker materials than just on film. Especially when cutting soft materials or materials which tend to fray easily, you get burr-free and clean-cut edges of cut.

Some materials like foam rubber, cardboard or composite materials can be better cut with an oscillating lance into the requested shape than be milled with a rotating tool. As the lance is automatically adjusted into the cutting direction, you will get very precise results.

The oscillating tangential cutting unit is electrically powered and has an oscillation frequency of 100 Hertz. This equals approximately 6,000 strokes per minute.

The thickness of the materials which you can cut depends only on the length of the lance (up to 70 mm). So the oscillating tangential cutting head is suitable for working on most common materials.

Technical data

  • automatic tangential adjustment of the tool into machining direction to the working path
    tangential tool adjustment
  • lift approximately 3 mm
  • lances available in lengths from 5 to 70 mm
  • for absolutely burr-free cutting tasks, also in thicker materials, optimally suitable e. g. for sign making, packaging technology, model making, industry, ...
  • lance oscillation electrically powered with a frequency of 100 Hertz (equals 6,000 strokes per minute), so it is becomes possible to cut even thicker materials without burrs
  • for working on wallpapers, carpets, balsa wood, cardboard, rubber materials (sealings, mats), foamed plastics, many typical sign making materials (PVC foam, polystyrene, Kapa®, composite materials, capillary plates), textile fabrics, leather, sandblast foils, pool foils, truck tarpaulins, ...
  • optionally available with quick-change fixture for a quick exchange with the spindle

Scope of delivery

  • oscillating tangential cutting head; for CNC 980+ controllers incl. additional axis card
  • electric cables
  • lance