Multi Unit

Multi unit
Three machining units in use at the same time on an Active Pro machine: leftmost the milling spindle, next to it the multi unit.

The multi-unit consists of an oscillating tangential cutting head and a universal head which can be equipped with different attachments. It turns our milling machines into a real multi-talent : In addition to chip removing tasks, you can use it for 45 degree diagonal cutting (V-cuts), straight cutting or creasing.

The active head will be lowered with a pneumatic lift cylinder into its working position while the other head will be lifted into its home position at the same time. So a mutual interference can be excluded.

Separation of task without retooling

While machining your workpieces, the multi unit performs a separation of tasks:

  • Universal head
    The universal head (to the left on the unit) manages the rest. Thanks to the manifold selection of tool attachments for this machining unit, it can be used for cutting straightly, for 45 degrees diagonal cutting and for creasing. During the machining process, an actuator automatically adjusts the tool tangentially to the working path.

If the universal head is used with a straight cutting attachment, you ideally cut very thin materials like film or cardboard. A spring-mounted kiss-cut attachment is useful if you want to cut just through the surface layer of a film, but not through its bottom layer below. Moreover, it can be equipped with a creasing wheel for applying folds to cardboard or similar materials.

V-cut attachment for 45 degrees diagonal cutting

The V-cut attachment for 45 degrees diagonal cutting is especially interesting for advertising and exhibition purposes. You can use it for diagonally cutting corrugated board or sandwich materials like Re-board®, Allison® or Kapa®. So you can produce stable three-dimensional objects like displays, trade fair and shop furnishings, packaging boxes or customer-specific samples. But you can also process thin materials like passe-partouts with this attachment.

  • Technical data

    Multi unit in general

    • the machining units are mounted on a separate sliding carriage which is moved together with the z axis
    • the machining unit which is active is moved with pneumatic lift cylinders into working position
    • automatic tangential adjustment of the tool into machining direction to the working path
    • for working on wallpapers, carpets, balsa wood, cardboard, rubber materials (sealings, mats), foamed plastics, many typical sign making materials (PVC foam, polystyrene, Kapa®, composite materials, capillary plates), textile fabrics, leather, sandblast foils, pool foils, truck tarpaulins, ...

    Oscillating tangential cutting head

    • electrically powered lance oscillation with a frequency of 100 Hertz (~ 6,000 strokes per minute); lift approximately 3 mm
    • for burr-free cutting tasks, also in thicker materials

    Universal head

    • adaptable to different machining tasks by using easily exchangeable tool attachments for straight cutting, kiss-cutting, diagonal cutting (V-cut) and creasing
    • on request also available with other tool attachments
  • Please note

    • the multi unit is mounted right of the spindle at the bridge, so the positioning range for the multi unit is reduced by up to 300 mm; for milling tasks there are no limitations
    • for the pneumatic lift cylinders a dry and oil-free compressed air supply is required which has to provide the unit with 6 bar in continuous operation

    Scope of delivery

    • separate sliding carriage respectively mounting plate with pneumatic lift cylinders
    • oscillating tangential cutting head including 1 lance
    • universal head
    • additional axis card for CNC controller

    Suitable machine lines