Dot Embossing Unit

Dot embossing unit
Dot embossing unit powered by compressed air – for marking and lettering without chip removal.

This unit has been especially designed for lettering metal. It is possible to work on very hard types of metal like steel or stainless steel. The tip of the tool is made of extremely hard metal and nearly free from mechanical wear and tear. This method works without chip removal as it would be the case in the engraving or milling process.

The dot embossing unit compresses the surface of the workpiece by numerous little “hammer strokes“ with a thin needlepoint. The needle oscillates with a frequency of about 300 Hertz so that the single dots adjoin each other very closely even at higher rates of feed. The inscriptions look as if they have been engraved.

The dot embossing unit is powered by compressed air, a modification of the air pressure modifies also the dipping depth of the needle. Although the tip of the needle is nearly resistant to wear, it can be regrind if necessary. A dot embossing unit is a good supplement for an engraving or milling spindle when harder materials have to be inscribed more frequently.

Technical data

  • very high processing speed up to approximately 80 mm/s
  • no rotating tool
  • workpiece surface will be compressed punctiform by vertical oscillation of the inscription needle
  • usable for nearly all kinds of workpieces (also tempered up to approximately 62 HRC)
  • inscription needle nearly free from mechanical wear and tear
  • small height differences on the workpiece will be levelled

  • Requirements

    Please note that you need for the dot embossing unit a dry and oil-free compressed air supply which has to provide the unit with 8 bar in continuous operation. Depending on the whole equipment of your CNC milling machine, it is possible to choose between different types of compressors.

    Several questions may lead you to the right model: how high is the consumption of blocking air, is there a cooling/spraying unit or a pneumatic tool change, how long are the hoses, what is the maximum noise level of the compressor?

  • Scope of delivery

    • dot embossing unit
    • compressed air hoses
    • pressure control valve for regulating the compressed air between 4 and 8 bar